Douglas thank you.

I did some research on who was the best in town when I arrived in Orlando and it turns out I found the best in Florida The warm welcome I received from when I arrived carried through the two hour session I booked at Doug's office. The warmth and comfort of the atmosphere is something I haven't experienced previously in similar massage service providers. The massage itself was fabulous, firm but not painfully, with the right amount of pressure applied along with a relaxing technic I confess I started to drift to a sleep. Walked out feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.
Gary M.

Great massage!

I just had a massage by Doug as I was having a lot of tension and pain in my shoulders and back. He found every knot that I had and worked it until it was gone. This was a top rate massage. His studio is nice and comfortable and he made sure that I was comfortable as well. If you are looking a for a great massage, Douglas will provide it for you. I left the office pain free.
Ralph B

One of kind experience

This was my first massage, ever. I was hesitant to actually book an appointment because my nerves got the best of me. However, I'm glad I did. Doug handled my massage with the utmost respect eventually helping me remain comfortable. His unique and personable techniques drew me into relaxing and escaping from my personal daily. He knows, understands and is passionate with his craft. There's no doubt I will continue to be a recipient of his personal greatness.

I HIGHLY recommend Doug.

Doug gave me an experience I will not soon forget. I’ve had the occasional massage here and there and paid the over-priced foo foo spa prices for mediocre massage. He is truly a master at his art. He was very professional and courteous and was able to find my problem areas and work out the knots. His spa/office is absolutely beautiful. The atmosphere is very calming with the sound of relaxing music he had playing. I HIGHLY recommend Doug. You will not be disappointed. His office is in a safe, upscale part of Orlando (Winter Park)and is easy to find from the LINK found on his web site.
Steven P. Jacksonville, FL

He has the “best” hands in Orlando

I had just recently moved to the Orlando area and my body was worn out from the move. I called Doug and he had an appointment available. He greeted me at the door with a friendly smile. The room atmosphere is awesome and the music very soothing. He relaxes you immediately and begins to take you down an incredible journey of total relaxation. He has the “best” hands in Orlando. I felt so comfortable and I left feeling relaxed and ready to take on the rest of the day! My entire body was recharged. I highly recommend scheduling with Doug! I am now a regular client!!:)
Dan R. Orlando, FL

I am really glad to have found him.

After having seen many massage therapists over the years, today was my third time to see Douglas. In my experience, no one compared to him in the level of expertise and professionalism. Doug offers a firm, confident and skilled massage. From the moment the massage begins, one has the feeling that he is entering the experience with you – not detached and just “doing his job.” This is what makes the massage a spiritual and cleansing experience. I left his beautiful private office feeling better than I had in weeks. If you are looking for a quality massage from a professional who takes his work seriously, then Doug is for you. I am really glad to have found him.
Jason W. Ormond Beach, FL

He makes your body feel brand new

I have been to Douglas a few times, and each time I have been more than satisfied. He is friendly, smart, down to earth, and makes you feel at home right away. He is also extremely attractive and takes impeccable care of himself and his surroundings. He greets you at the door with a warm smile and you feel relaxed right away. He has a great style, and knows intuitively where to find the tense spots. He makes your body feel brand new, and ready to face the city again. The atmosphere is warm, the massage is first rate, and he is a great find. I will continue to use his services, believe me.
Roger M. Orlando, FL

His services were second to none!

I cannot tell you what a pleasure it was to meet Douglas; Kind, professional, personable and just an all around very nice man. His services were second to none! Very attentive to detail and very intuitive about what he did. Doug was able to get me in on very short notice for a 90 minute session. That flexibility and massage made what was a very long day, end as a very relaxing day.
David G. Winter Park, FL

Douglas is a wonderful find!

Douglas is a wonderful find! He was quick in responding to my email and phone message about an appointment. All of his reviews were favorable and accurate. His directions were easy to follow. His office is beautiful and immaculate. He uses a very nice massage oil that is very pleasant and does not feel oily. He checks pressure to start and since it always felt great, there was no need for an adjustment, but I do think he would have lightened or intensified it accordingly. He is a really nice fellow and extremely nice looking. I cannot imagine anyone not being completely satisfied with his massage. Please give him consideration for your next massage; like me, I think you will be very happy that you did. Doug exceeds all expectations!
Jeff S. Atlanta, GA.

Thank you – you were wonderful!!!

Douglas responded to my email quickly and promised a call to me the next day. When I arrived at the planned hour, I found a beautiful office and a well-appointed massage room and area. Doug was most attentive and checked out my comfort level during the massage. It was a wonderful massage. He was warm, direct, unassuming and very attentive. I would return to Douglas because he knows what he is doing and does it very well. I felt very respected and as a client I loved the service he gave. Personally, I appreciate someone with a little sense of humor and he had that too. When I go back (and I will) I=ll try his deep tissue massage. I went away very satisfied, Thank you – you were wonderful!!!
Peter C. Detroit

Try this masseur. You will not be disappointed.

Douglas has a gift – pure and simple. I have visited him about five or six times over the last year and I’ve meant to write a review, and I’m just now getting around to it. His massages are therapeutic and he has an intuitive sense about what areas need to be worked on and the experience under his touch is awesome! He is a very good looking, warm and personable guy and he always makes me feel welcome and relaxed. His office is very nice and I cannot rate his skills as a masseur highly enough. His photos and description of his services are spot on. I have only received ninety minute massages from Doug, and I wouldn’t recommend any less time because I think an hour would go by way too quickly. He is very easy to contact – either by phone or email – and is prompt in returning my call. I usually call one day prior to the day I would like to come in and he has always been able to accommodate me. I have become a loyal client and try to visit him at least once a month. Definitely, DEFINITELY try this masseur. You will not be disappointed.
Jason B. Las Vegas

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