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Lumbago can be effectively treated through massages

Lower back painCan Massage Help Your Back Problem medically known as ‘lumbago’ has been found to be the chief cause behind job disability on a worldwide basis. Approximately 10% of working adults suffer from lumbago and the condition becomes chronic for a significant proportion of those who first report back pain symptoms. However, back pain patients can now breathe a sigh of relief as a recent research has pinpointed that massages could furnish long-term respite from numbing pain.

A report of the study put out in the Pain Medicine journal detailed the massage benefits for those plagued by lumbago. In order to determine the positive effects of massaging, researchers reviewed 104 chronic back pain patients that had been referred to certified masseurs by their physicians. These patients attended at least 10 massage sessions over the course of 12 weeks where the massage therapists were at liberty to create patient-specific plans, instead of using a standardized program.

Following the end of the trial, 50% of the respondents who filled up a questionnaire reported that their back pain had significantly subsided. In fact, the improvement was so effectual for some individuals that the scores they had attained on a standardized selection test had plummeted below the disability threshold level. This information was conveyed by the assistant professor of health sciences at Purdue University Indianapolis, Niki Munk who was helming the study. Incidentally, Niki also happens to be a certified massage therapist.

Several patients who participated in the study not only experienced significant clinical improvement in back pain but the progress persisted as well. After three months, in which time, 75% of the respondents did not take any massages expressed feeling still quite better. Munk added that though the pain had relapsed somewhat but it was definitely much less than what it was when the study commenced.

Nevertheless, more studies have to be carried out so as to thoroughly figure out the exact massage benefits for lumbago and how this specific therapy helped in pain management. However, the few studies conducted so far have established that massage contributed directly towards assuaging muscular inflammation. The sample size for the research comprised of patients, some of whom were overweight, while a few were suffering from back pain due to a different health condition, and some were taking opioids.

The researchers observed that there was a level of improvement for almost everyone that participated in the study. At the same, they noted some demographics-oriented tendencies. For instance, adults aged 49 and beyond had a greater possibility of reaping the massage benefits in comparison to younger patients.

The improvements were also less likely to last for a specific time period as far as obese patients were concerned. And for those on opioids, the development was not noticeable enough so as to make a meaningful change in their day to day living. Director of behavioral health at the University Of Kentucky College Of Medicine’, William Elder, and another lead researcher in the study strongly felt that trials of a similar nature could have a bearing on the manner in which how doctors practiced.

This study as well as other such researches conducted in the future could furnish medical practitioners with sufficient evidence to recommend massage as an efficient treatment procedure.

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Professional Massage for Marathon Runners

Orlando Male MassageMassage is an important aspect of maintaining good physical condition when you’re endurance athlete like a marathon runner. In fact, it can keep your muscles limber and loose, effectively preventing injury and pain. Unfortunately, many runners come in for their first professional massage right before the marathon, which if too focused or too intense, could actually cause injury.

Instead of scheduling a massage just before the marathon, runners would be much better off incorporating it into their regular routine. Should a runner decide to go ahead and have a massage before a marathon, it’s vital that it’s a very basic one. It shouldn’t focus on any specific problems, issues, aches or pains. The strokes shouldn’t be deep. The idea is to simply relax the muscles. The last thing you want to do is tax muscles that are already working hard.

The same can be said for post-marathon. However, a professional massage after a marathon is a much more relaxing experience. If the runner has cramping or pain from the workout, massage can help relieve tension and knots and get the body feeling loose again. Cramps are usually caused by dehydration, fatigue or injury, so gentle massage can help relieve the discomfort. The runner may wish to drink water or Gatorade and stretch before sitting down for a massage, as sitting can just make the cramping worse in the short-term.

Marathon runners should consider seeing a massage therapist on a regular basis. Consistent treatments keep the muscles relaxed and prevent strain or injury. Usually, tight muscles are to blame for most injuries, so regular professional massage can ensure your body is in tip-top shape and ready for the next big event.

As a part of your training, it’s essential that you taper off your running in the week before the marathon. You must give your body time to heal from previous workouts and build up enough energy to sustain you throughout the marathon. Many people think it’s a good idea to push hard right up until the big day, but that’s misguided and a surefire way to lead to burnout. Instead, reduce your practice in the week or two leading up to the marathon. See your massage therapist regularly to flush out your muscles and prepare them. Finally, don’t run at all right before the marathon. This way, your body will be brimming with energy, all of which you can and will use on the big day.

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