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The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Benefits of Deep Tissue MassageMany people like to go get massages to relax. After all, they can work out all the tension in muscles and leave you feeling like a new person after a good session. However most people get a light massage treatment which does not penetrate very deeply into the muscles. If you really want to experience the benefits, you need to have a deep tissue treatment that will really get to the heart of your muscle pain and tension.

Deep tissue is perfect for chronic pain because it focuses on the underlying muscles and ligaments that could be at the root of your problem. Rather than incorporating light touches and surface treatments, deep tissue actively kneads away knots using slow, deep strokes across the large major muscle groups in your body. The idea here is to completely stretch out the muscles so that they don’t automatically constrict and go back to being taut all the time.

Before any treatment is started, the therapist will evaluate what areas of your body have shortened muscles. These muscle fibers will be what is focused on. Often areas that are emphasized in treatment are the neck and shoulders, because these are areas people tense up a lot when sitting at a desk for long periods of time. Computer users are especially vulnerable. Dealing with stress can also contribute to shortened muscle fibers.

So what separates deep tissue massage from lighter forms? That’s a good question. While lighter forms will focus on broad strokes with medium pressure, deep tissue uses much more precise tools to get to the muscles like the fingertips and elbows. Also, a larger amount of pressure is applied to each area. While deep tissue will ultimately leave you feeling very relaxed because it does get rid of all those knots in your muscles, the process of getting such a massage can be quite painful, especially if you have an injury or you just are experiencing a lot of muscle soreness.

You can think of deep tissue is a kind stimulus as well because it improves blood flow to the muscles and allows nutrients to get to them more effectively as it is also tasked with flushing out toxins. Here’s one more way to think of it. Light treatments are designed to relax your body. Deep tissue treatments are used for managing pain. Only you know for certain what type you need.

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