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Cupping Massage Is Still Popular

Cupping Massage Is Still PopularIf you’ve not heard or seen cupping massage, you’re in for a treat as this ancient method of massage is a very modern day popular treatment. People have been using cupping massage for thousands of years. Its purpose is to treat pain and injury as well as optimize certain areas of the body for physical performance. Today’s audience looking for anything to alleviate problems and increase performance fell upon cupping massage when celebrities started spotlighting the technique.

As soon as the public saw the circular red marks caused by cupping massage on the bodies of the rich and famous, the fad factor went through the roof. It still took cupping massage a while to win over as a certified practice but the proof of its success was in the performance. When star athletes, including the Olympic athletes, started showing off what cupping did for them, the word was out and the meteoric rise of popularity started and hasn’t stopped.

Cupping massage is a simple concept but a very specialized skill. One uses regular sized cups made of clay, bamboo, glass, and other materials and places them over an affected area that needs attention. The cup is heated and causes a suction action that stimulates the tissue beneath. Effects include the increase in circulation and neural stimulation. Any injuries then receive more nutrients to repair the damaged tissue and for athletes in specialized sports can get tissue enhanced safely and naturally.

Many will swear by cupping massage and that word of mouth is a major part of its popularity. People see friends and family improve and that’s enough of a selling point to them. Practitioners of the process are now required to have certification and you’ll find most working in conjunction with chiropractic and acupuncture. For those reticent to use pharmaceuticals, cupping therapy is an alternative they pursue. It’s always best to consult a doctor before undergoing any treatment. If your doctor is familiar with the field of cupping massage they may have a professional they can recommend thus making it easier for them to follow your progress in conjunction with your regular medical treatments.

Once all the elements are in place, you’ll be with a professional practitioner of cupping therapy and they’ll guide you through the prep and follow through. It can cause the skin to become discolored for days, even weeks, but no damage to the tissue occurs nor is long lasting. Each practitioner may employ one or more cupping techniques from stationary to moving. It all depends on the kind of problems you have and what they feel is the best approach to address the problem. How long the treatments are is another factor. It depends on what the injuries are and for athletes, how rigorous their activities are. Oils and other things might be employed but overall the heated cupping technique is primary.

So cupping massage has proven to be successful for people all over the world and is probably coming to a place near you. Do your due diligence when choosing a practitioner, see if they’re certified, how long they’ve been in business, what the reviews are. You’ll be starting off on a new adventure.

Picture Credit : Katarzyna BiaƂasiewicz

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