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A new solution to supporting children with Autism

A new solution to supporting children with AutismAccording to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), mental illness or disorders within the Autism spectrum are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s American Population—and globally. In fact, upwards of 1 per every 68 children are diagnosed with a mental disorder that is on the Autism Spectrum annually. This is a tremendous increase throughout recent years—around 10 to 15 years or so to be exact, and causes for both great scientific and social concern. While there is much speculation around what the common causes are for developing Autism, it’s presently most scientifically founded with the significance of genetics. Some scientists and experts blame prenatal injury, alcoholism (think: FAS) or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and other biological factors not otherwise yet discovered.

By definition, the National Institutes of Health indicates that there are a multitude of characteristics, levels, or ‘forms’ of mental illnesses that fall on Autism Spectrum Disorder. Ranging from Asperger Syndrome, to more severe types of full on “Autism’, there are multiple methods of treatment, medications, and now therapy. According to the NIH, through the various states of Autism Spectrum Disorder, there are many changes that require varying levels of care, support, and appropriately evolving methods of treatment to most practically benefit the individual. Some common symptoms of individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders are an ability to make eye contact willingly or comfortably, a lack of social skills superseding ‘typical’ growth expectations, restricted or obvious difficulties in communicating, and other stereotypical behavior that is commonly observed across the range of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

According to research, symptoms of Autism can be observed as early as 6-months old or less. A recent research and training module has been implemented to support the treatment and therapy efforts of young individuals—and adults—whom may suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorders. A certified prenatal and pediatric massage therapist at First Peek Ultrasound (McKinney, Texas) recently discovered a new form of treatment for her 5-month old whom has been diagnosed with Autism—and has thus far experienced great results. Properly addressing, treating, and supporting the frustrations and emotional barriers of a child with Autism may very well be as ‘simple’ as massaging your child in a credible, controlled, and emotionally supported way, in a controlled environment, on a daily basis. In fact, recent research conducted per this new form of therapy reflects great success rates, with stimulating a child’s willingness to safely and happily interpret meaningful touch, both towards others and receiving from others. This is a common obstacle, as many individuals diagnosed with Autism suffer from a fear of touch, have sensory impairment, and can even be intimidated (if not traumatized) by unexpected or unwanted physical touch.

This proposed form of massage therapy for young individuals (as small as babies) is to massage them for 15 minutes per day to stimulate their sensory, and condition them to appreciate that ‘touch’ can be enjoyable, meaningful, and make one happy.

While there is still much to be discovered, new methods of treatment, support, and success for individuals with Autism can be implemented for you and your child, and lead to an overall happier and well-balanced family!

Image credit: Kheng Guan Toh

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