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Relieve Your Allergy Symptoms with a Professional Massage

There’s something in the air. It’s springtime and that means warmer weather and a happier disposition for most people. But it also means an increase in allergies and allergy symptoms with all that pollen floating around in the air. And while your first instinct may be to pop a few antihistamines, you should probably consider massage first.

It might sound funny, but getting a professional massage could help alleviate your symptoms or prevent them from occurring in the first place. So you’re probably wondering, how on earth does getting massage therapy help relieve sneezing and wheezing?

For the most part, it has nothing to do with the allergy symptoms themselves, or even the pollen. It has more to do with your body’s reaction to stress. So, if you’re prone to getting allergies, being stressed out will make your body produce more histamines. With more histamines in your body, you’ll have a greater allergic response.

While you won’t be able to stop your body’s response to pollen, you can reduce your symptoms by cutting back on your body’s production of histamines. You can reduce your body’s production of histamines by reducing your allergic reaction. And you can reduce your allergic reaction by reducing stress with professional massage.

Massage therapy increases and improves blood flow throughout your body, which makes breathing easier and helps to clear out mucus that has built up in your sinuses and throat. It also helps you to relax, which makes mucus drain easier. If your allergies are particularly bad, the use of hot stones may also help in loosening up phlegm and encouraging mucus to drain.

It’s important to note that you may not experience an immediate improvement of symptoms. In fact, you may think your symptoms are getting a bit worse right after a massage and for the next 48 hours or so. This is because all of that mucus has to drain before you’ll feel better.

After undergoing a professional massage, you may feel tired but it’s going to be worth it. You’ll be able to breathe through your nose again and everything! And unlike with standard antihistamine medications, the results of the massage will last up to three weeks. No more popping pills every time you sneeze. You can’t beat that, can you?

Just know that massage isn’t a miracle cure for allergies. If you have an allergic response to pollen, this won’t stop that. But it will definitely help you to feel better for longer.

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