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Why You Should Join a Gym

Why You Should Join a GymThere are tons and tons of fad diets, lose weight quick, and get fit fast schemes out there, but the truth is that most of them are just that- schemes. They are often put out to sell products or to increase clicks, but in reality, generate little to no long-term returns for prospective dieters. The keep to staying fit and maintaining your health is really in watching what you eat and in exercising to keep your strength up and body trim. Step one for the latter part: sign up for the gym.

People who have gym memberships exercise more and do better on a number of health tests. This is pretty obvious and potentially subject to selection bias, but the correlation likely also holds in the direction which we would think to some degree: signing up for the gym likely does make you more likely to exercise. Once you sign up for the gym, you should figure out a workout plan that works for you and one that involves both strength training as well as aerobic activity. The amount and time you spend on exercising or at the gym really depends on your goals and is not really the point of this piece, but there are many guides and workout plans freely available online or even on Youtube. Many of these do a great job of demonstrating proper form and how to cater your workouts to your end goals.

Going to the gym has many benefits downstream from the actual workouts you get. You are much more likely to have better cardiovascular health, less likely to get injured, and also more likely to have better mental health. The aerobic exercise is what will really help you with the cardiovascular effect as it helps build a strong heart and can help reduce blood pressure and heart attacks over the long-run. The only thing to be careful with here is to make sure you are not doing something you should not be if you already have a heart condition. Strength training really helps build up your core strength so that you are less likely to get injured in the daily course of life- particularly if you are doing something physically rigorous. A keep thinks to keep in mind here is to stretch before lifting and to make sure you are lifting with proper form as not doing those things puts you at risk of injury from the exercises themselves. Finally, any form of exercise is likely to leave you feeling more confident and with your mind cleared. There have been numerous scientific studies that show that regular exercising leads to better mental health outcomes and lower incidence of mental health disease including depression.

Going to the gym can seem like a pain, but it can literally extend your life and make you happier. It typically is not very expensive and if you incorporate it into your daily routine you may find yourself living a much better life. Hope this helps and good luck on your men’s health journey.

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Shed Some Pounds by Getting a Massage

Shed Some Pounds by Getting a MassageA massage is not only something that can help you relax, but has other physiological and psychological benefits as well. It can help increase blood circulation around the body, which is a good thing for keeping your body healthy. Some studies suggest that it may even help you lose weight when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Furthermore, keeping your body conditioned and flexible as massages can help you do, leads to reduced risk of injuries and more efficient metabolism.

Massage therapy can help reduce soreness and stiffness that is often associated with exercise as the body can more readily move around the nutrients and building blocks that it needs to to the parts that need it after exercise. The things moved around include oxygen, which is key to cellular health. By stretching tissues and reducing tension in muscles, massages can stave off injury by increasing flexibility and reducing the likelihood of sudden, big changes in muscle tone, which is what often leads to someone getting hurt. This is why professional athletes often get massage services, many times provided by their sponsors or teams who do not want to see them get hurt in action.

In addition to these effects, massages can support digestive function, which of course is also very relevant to the maintenance of one’s weight and healthy body. Belly massages and meridian bodywork can especially help in this area, particularly by normalizing peristalsis and movement of GI muscles. Furthermore, improved blood circulation to the area can lead to more efficient usage of nutrients and regulation after a meal.

The final area in which massages can have a positive impact (although there are likely more!) is in the mental effect. Massages can help relieve tension and stress from a variety of things and keep you focused and aware. It can also be a great reward after a hard day of physical or mental work as it relaxes you and really helps synergize your body’s various functions. It can even be used as motivation to get through that work out or to stick to that diet plan. Just remember it is a great supplement if you are committed to the other pieces as well. Massages alone won’t be a cure all, but used in combination with other methods of healthy living, they can really boost your outcomes and help you feel and live much better!

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