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These are Foods to Eat for Building Muscles

These are Foods to Eat for Building Muscles

You don’t need to be a fitness expert to be aware of the fact that in order to obtain your dream physique, it’s not enough to hit the gym as hard as you can. Nutrition plays a very important role in this transformation process and if you’re after building some serious muscle, you don’t need just those magic protein powders some people keep talking about. No, it’s all about the muscle food, containing nutrients that boost your energy and speed recovery before and a er the gym.

There have been numerous debates on which are the best so-called muscle foods and the complete list can take hours to go through. However, we made a short selection and decided on a few of the best options you have as an athlete looking forward to looking his or her best!

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt

Picture Credit: ponce_photography

Yes, yogurt is a healthy choice, as long as it’s plain, without any added sweeteners, but Greek yogurt is actually the choice of champions. Loaded with muscle-nourishing nutrients, it can be one of your best workout partners.

“It’s a good source of protein, calcium and vitamin D, which are good for muscles,” says Ilyse Schapiro, a registered dietitian.

Cottage cheese

Greek yogurt

Picture Credit: Enotovyj

Rich in protein, cottage cheese is another muscle food you should include in your diet. Also, it’s excellent for maintenance, thanks to all the calcium and vitamin B12 it contains.
Always opt for low-fat varieties, since a cup has just 163 calories, but 28 grams of protein, as much as four eggs.



Picture Credit: RitaE

Speaking about them, it’s worth mentioning that eggs are some of the top sources of protein, each of them containing up to seven grams. If you’re usually opting for high-intensity workouts, it’s recommended to consume 14 grams of protein, so two eggs are perfect for a meal.

Wild salmon

Wild salmon

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With 39 grams per serving, it’s obvious that wild salmon has a high protein content and it’s among the best muscle foods you can pick. Besides this, its benefits list is completed by the omega-3 fatty acids it contains, great for maintaining a healthy heart and keeping all the inflammation away.

Just make sure you always buy wild and not farmed salmon, as the latter is usually plumped with fishmeal and is high in polychlorinated biphenyls, chemicals that lead to endocrine disruption.

Chocolate milk

Chocolate milk

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We know, you love it, but what if we told you that it can play an essential role in your mission to the perfect body? Add chocolate milk to your essential pre- and post- workout snacks list and you will quickly observe its benefits.

Specifically, its naturally occurring electrolytes will keep you hydrated, not to mention that its sweetness will ‘inject’ energy into muscles, making it equally good after a workout session.

There are situations in which you feel tired after working out, even though you follow a tailored diet. However, this shouldn’t be a reason to panic, since a massage session can fix everything. Orlando Male Massage is the place where you can enjoy it, in a peaceful and warm atmosphere, during a session custom tailored to meet your individual needs.

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‘Thinking’ Your Way To Improved Fitness

'Thinking' Your Way To Improved FitnessScientists at Stanford University in California have recently found that physical fitness and exercise are not only reliant on your physical activities and performance, but also your psychological activities and well being.

Trusted study author Octavia Zahrt, Ph.D., noted that perception can either positively or negatively influence your fitness levels and mental health. In other words, experts are realizing, through clinical trials of studying human subjects that not only do people underestimate their current activity levels, but also the roles everyday activities might play in improving your health.

Experts say that often, people will perceive themselves as ‘underperforming’ or not meeting the necessary daily exercise based on the people they commonly surround themselves with or observe in their everyday environment. And, in many studies over the years it has been proven time and time again that the anxiety or stress related to worries of a lack of sufficient fitness can likewise negatively impact your health  and even weight.

For many people, just working every day, or taking care of your home and kids around the house can easily be at least half, if not 100% of the recommended levels of physical activities, according to the American Heart Association.

Drs. Zahrt and Crum also recently published findings in the weekly Health Psychology journal that illustrates that at least 80 percent of Americans do not get the required amount of recommended daily exercise. This, however, does not mean that they aren’t ‘close’ to doing so, as often individuals are unaware of just how much is ‘enough.’

A recent clinical study at Stanford University included the observation of 87 hotel room attendants, across seven different hotels to observe their BMI, waist to hip ratio, blood pressure, and weight loss over the course of just four weeks. Ironically enough, all of the participants showed tremendous improvements in their physical health, just based on the exercise they get at work every day alone.

Another concept that scientific researchers are trying to push more to the public is, if and when you are made aware of ‘ or research ‘ your current activity and exercise levels, doing so may very well effectively motivate you to work out MORE!

Positive thinking also goes a long way, as the stress and anxiety of everyday work, school, or family can quickly land people into unwanted spouts of depression, overeating, under eating, and overall missing sufficient sleep necessary to be healthy and efficiently manage their weight.

Picture Credit: Alexas_Fotos

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How Trigger Point Massage Therapy Can Help

trigger-point-massage-orlando-sxchuA trigger point can be referred to as small knots or lumps within the muscles which not only cause pain at that particular point but also cause pain to different areas of the body. The main reason behind the occurrence of trigger points is injured or overworked muscles, improper posture, car accidents, moving furniture and various other activities which push the muscles beyond the capacity.

But, it is definitely possible to treat these points with the help of different invasive procedures. Medically these points can be treated by using injections which might include botulism toxin, steroids, anaesthetic and saline. There is no doubt about the fact that injections will provide instant relief from the pain but they are associated with high risks of organ and soft tissue damage. A better alternative is available in the form of massage and exercises which help with strengthening of the joints and prevent the occurrence of trigger points.

This type of procedure deals with the repeated release and pressure of such points within the body. It definitely hurts a person when such a procedure is performed but considering the long term relief it offers, it is worthwhile to bear the pain for some time. Release of trigger point especially for the case of physically active patients, improves their ability to lift items, move and even support their own body. While the procedure is performed, patients witness a decrease in size of trigger points. Even though, the pressure applied at the point might remain constant but that does not hurt the overall progress of the procedure. Throughout the entire course of treatment, pressure remains fairly constant till the time the point reduces in size and is released. Medications like Aleve and Advil helps in reducing the discomfort associated with the procedure but definitely do not interfere with muscle recovery. After the treatment of the points, the patient not only feels decrease in pain at those particular points but also in referring areas where the actual cause of pain was not known. (more…)

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Does Massage Have a Role in Medicine?

Male MassageIn a word? Yes. Massage absolutely has a role in medicine. And maybe some medical professionals don’t want to admit this, but that’s too bad for them. Having all of the knots and kinks worked out of your muscles is about more than pampering. It’s about improving your overall health and helping you to feel better, not only physically, but also emotionally.

Feeling relaxed isn’t a luxury. The relaxation that massage can induce is actually good for your emotional health. It can reduce stress and help improve your sense of well-being. While you’re letting all of your troubles melt away, you can also experience pain relief. If you suffer from lower back pain, neck pain, or just generalized muscle tension from working a desk job, let’s say, regular therapy sessions can be especially helpful to you.

Numerous studies over the years, especially recently, have shown that massage therapy has tangible health benefits. Massage reduces the symptoms carpal tunnel syndrome, asthma, and has been associated with improving immune function in women with breast cancer. Another impressive result is that therapy provided to premature infants can increase the likelihood of them gaining weight.

According to the American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society, massage is now recommend as an actual medical treatment for lower back pain. This is huge for advocates of this kind of therapy. And it might go a long way toward reducing the stigma that this kind of therapy is just a luxury and for those with extra money to spend. Now, more and more research is showing that it actually may be an essential component to good health. Another study showed that people who received a massage once a week for 10 weeks reported less pain and disability than those who didn’t receive massage. More impressive than that, some people reported these benefits lasting up to nine months after the last treatment session.

We already know that stress relief is essential for health so if massage can help reduce stress, it is by default beneficial. More and more doctors are now recommending undergoing therapy of this sort for all sorts of problems. From chronic pain to anxiety to depression and so on, massage can play a major role in your life as a means of dealing with chronic issues, both mental and physical. Be sure to discuss what your doctor thinks of this form of therapy.


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