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Types of Massage: Part 3

Welcome to the third and final segment of our series about different types of massage. You may recall in our previous two posts, we talked about several different types that can be used to treat a variety of conditions, ailments, and problems. Today, we’re continuing along that same thread to offer even more ideas that are certain to result in relaxed muscles and a much calmer version of yourself.

First, there is shiatsu, which literally translates as finger pressure. It involves the use of pressure on different parts of the body, specifically on acupressure points. The idea is to relieve blockages at these points to improve the flow of chi in the body.

Next, is Thai massage, which involves the compression of muscles, acupressure, and the movement of various joints. It’s very demanding on the masseuse, who must use his body to bend the client into these various positions.

Another type you should know about is reflexology, which uses the hands to stimulate the feet. Different spots on the feet are associated with different parts of the body. Stimulation of these spots is said to promote healing in the body and improve overall health.

Still another type involves the use of hot stones. These stones are warmed up then placed on acupressure points all over the body. The stones can be rubbed or pressed onto the skin to stimulate the body and work out knots or they can just be left to sit and allow the warmth to penetrate the skin.


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