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7 ways in which you can benefit from exercising regularly

How Exercise Can Help YouThe numerous and varied benefits of exercising on a routine basis have long been known to mankind. Starting from fitness experts to medical professionals to sportspersons and even ordinary men and women are well aware of the health benefits of workouts. You can exercise in different ways including but not limited to walking, cycling, running, swimming, jogging, weightlifting, and bodybuilding for boosting your mood, keeping your weight under control, and sleeping soundly at night.

Following are some of the most significant health benefits that you can take advantage of when you maintain a workout regimen.

1. Exercises go a long way in combating diseases and keeping disorders at bay
Existing in the 21st century is tantamount to putting up with stress. Stress has become an inevitable and unavoidable factor in modern-day living and there’s hardly anybody who does not suffer from stress to a certain extent. Anxiety and tension contribute majorly towards our suffering from a host of lifestyle diseases like heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

One time-honored and effective way of dealing with lifestyle diseases as well as preventing or delaying the onset of health conditions is to physically exerting yourself habitually. Exercising routinely will go a long way in preventing or coping with symptoms associated with heart attacks, strokes, depression, a range of cancers, osteoarthritis, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

2. Workouts help keep weight under control
Enough studies and researches have been conducted which have established that exercise helps keep you fit and slim. In fact, exercising customarily will enable you to burn excess calories thus keeping your from putting on weight which make you obese. You may not always find the time to hit the gym five or six times in a week, even if you have the inclination, owing to your busy schedule.

But if you are sincere about keeping your weight under control, then you will always find the time to climb the stairs, jog for a mile, and walk to the department store for fetching your daily necessities.

3. Exercises keep you energetic all through the day
Lifting weights, running on the treadmill or running for half an hour early in the morning will aid in keeping your bones, muscles, tissues, and bodily organs in perfect working order.

4. Exercises boost up your mood
Given the hectic lifestyles we lead nowadays, it is not uncommon to be stressed out at the end of the working day and feel dispirited. Engaging in some form of physical activity like brisk walking or running at a controlled pace even for just 20-30 minutes can recharge your batteries and make you feel refreshed.

5. Workouts help you to lead an active sexual life
Making the most of your sex life and exercising go hand in hand. Exercising every day will get you in the mood for enjoying an aggressive romp with your partner.

6. Exercises contribute greatly to sleeping soundly at night
Visiting the gym or exercising in the comfort of your home will let you fall asleep within 5-10 minutes of hitting the sack. However, do not exercise 2-3 hours before bedtime.

7. Exercises help to connect with nature and become sociable
Cycling, jogging or walking offers you the opportunity of connecting with nature and going on a hiking or camping trip help broaden your social network.

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Will Opting for Massages On a Regular Basis Help You Slim Down?

Will Opting for Massages On a Regular Basis Help You Slim Down?The effectiveness of time-honored strategy of blending a standardized workout regimen with a balanced dieting program has been overwhelmingly proved when it comes to losing weight. Nevertheless, for a significant proportion of individuals, this combo therapy has not been able to deliver the goods for reasons, the discussion of which is not the objective of this article. Unfortunately for these persons, the popular alternative weight loss techniques, more often than not, come to naught.
It won’t be an exaggeration to state in this context that in order to sustain a good quality of life, it becomes indispensable to lose excess weight and maintain a slim and trim physique. However, if conventional weight loss methods have not worked for you, you can still expect the desired results by trying out other means. For instance, you can hire a professional masseur who will massage your entire body in a manner that will eventually enable you to get rid of the excess flab around your abdomen, waist, and the thighs.

1. Massages can go a long way in stimulating metabolism
There are countless individuals that tend to put on weight inordinately owing to a metabolic rate which is slower than normal, eventually making them obese. A sluggish metabolic rate implies that your digestion is delayed which in turn delays the assimilation of nutrients by the body. Those with slow metabolism also tend to become fatty and the entire mechanism of gaining weight is exacerbated during periods of stress that has become unavoidable nowadays.
Significantly enough, a specialized massage that endeavors to melt the obstinately sitting fat by accelerating the calorie torching mechanism, can fast track a slow metabolic rate. Additionally, massages can be efficacious in getting relief from stress that causes one to binge and put on unwanted pounds.

2. Massages help shed flab and buildup of muscle mass
A massage can contribute significantly towards your losing the unwarranted fat that has the tendency to buildup primarily around the abdomen and waist regions. However a single or onetime massaging session will simply not be enough. If you wish to realize the outcome you are looking forward to then hiring an experienced masseur for multiple sessions will become imperative.
You’ll observe how a significant amount of the accumulated fat is transformed into muscle tissues once you have been through a few massaging sessions. A seasoned professional with several years of experience under his or her belt is well versed with the special kneading techniques for encouraging muscle growth and development. Massages, on the other hand, will also let your body weed out unwanted and damaging toxins.

3. Massages work great in helping drain out water from the body
Many individuals who are finding it difficult to melt fat by exploiting the traditional weight loss techniques will be pleasantly surprised to know a considerable proportion of the additional weight is comprised of water. Cells tend to absorb and retain the excessive water in the body that usually leads to cellulite. This is where a robust massage can work wonders activating the dermatological cells to give up the extra water and relieving cellulite.
Rounding up, it can be inferred that massaging sessions will work best (with respect to weight loss) when you stick to wholesome diets as well as persevere with your exercise program.
You can contact Douglas Powell at 407-325-8866 for scheduling a massaging therapy or log in at for complete details.

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Can massage help muscle recovery after workout?

Can massage help muscle recovery after workout?

Massages are thought to help recovery after working out by increasing blood flow and transport of vital building blocks to the exercised body parts (as well as removal of waste such as lactate). Because of this thought, many professional athletes get massages as part of their training regimens. A new report in the British Journal of Sports Medicine says that the scientific literature on this is surprisingly lacking. While the physical benefits of massage after a workout are uncertain, there may be psychological benefits which still make it worth it according to the article.

A recent study that was conducted on people who worked out and then got massages found that there was no change in lactate levels after the massage. Lactate is produced by the body’s anaerobic respiration process which is what cells use when we exercise and get low on oxygen. This is what brings part of the soreness that so many people feel after they exercise. It is known to cause much of the pain which is associated with soreness too.

While it looks like there may not be an impact on lactate levels, surveys of people who got the massages after their workouts found that their perception of recovery was improved. The finding is contentious with people not sure why it came out that way. It is possible that those who felt better did so because of the placebo effect, a well-known phenomenon in which the thought of getting something useful actually leads to physiological improvements. Others think that it may have to do with the timing of the massage after the workout. A 1994 study showed that the massage was not helpful in the recovery process when done right after working out, but if it was given 2-6 hours later, it significantly reduced soreness.

While it is still unknown and more research is needed, there isn’t much to support the ideas that massages actually hurt the recovery process. Given this and the relatively low cost of getting a massage, it is likely that many athletes will continue to try them just in case there is an impact (or if they believe in it, a placebo effect). Some contacted marathoners said they will still be continuing their previous regimens in light of the recent journal report and it is highly unlikely that professional athletes who used to get massages will now stop. It will be interesting to see where the scientific consensus on this one ends up as more data come out.

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Athleticism and the Mystery of Massages

weight-lifting-Dunca Daniel-6349588_lMarathoners, weightlifters, and sports enthusiasts alike have often debated the benefits of a massage, in particular post-workout.

According to recent studies presented in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, individuals that received a massage post-exercise did not necessarily benefit in the ways in which many speculate. In fact, lactate build-up in the body is not only a vital element in which commonly causes muscle soreness and failure at the gym or on the track, but it’s massage also considered responsible for muscle recovery – as it’s reduced. This however, is has not been proven to be countered by a post-exercise massage in most cases.

On the other hand, scholars and professionals alike are weary to admit that massages between 2-6 hours post-exercise may very well be beneficial in some ways for athletes. According to Lewis Maharam, MD, president of the New York Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine, DOMS, also known as delayed onset muscle soreness, can be treated with a professional, medically-based massage post-exercise.

These findings are both difficult to prove, as well as to demonstrate and depict the differences between various benefits of such post-exercise medical approach or treatment. Since the blood-vessels are believed to play critical roles in both muscle soreness and recovery, the idea of a massage for most, makes sense. However, at the same time adequate scientific research into these findings and hypothesis are limited, and sometimes contradictory in nature.

What many scholars and professionals – as well as athletes – alike believe is that there’s likely a correlation between the placebo effect of a massage, and how this interplays on someone that has sore or damaged muscles from exercise or other athletic activities.

Along with the effects of DOMS, medical researchers and athletes alike have discovered muscle pain in general to be minimized with proper prevention and treatment approaches. In particular, within 24-48 hours of a workout or exercise – when individuals are most susceptible to the effects of DOMS. In such instances, a prior massage seems to have played a positive, preventative role of such.

Some nutritionists and physicians dedicated to sports nutrition and health redirect scholars and interested athletes attention back to the realistic benefits and purpose of pre-workout and post-workout stretching.

Many bodybuilders for example, have claimed that post-workout stretches in particular were especially helpful to minimizing the effects of DOMS both in the short, and long-run. This makes sense, as an individual that stretches before a workout is preparing his or her muscles and improving flexibility or “elasticity”. Secondly, an athlete or bodybuilder that then stretches post-workout is helping to improve blood circulation, muscle elasticity again, and increases the likelihood of a “speedier recovery”.

Unfortunately, many bodybuilders and other athletes alike do not take the values of stretching seriously, and in turn often acquire many undesirable, painful, and time-penalizing side-effects or injury. Because of this, physicians and scientists are trying to reeducate and motivate athletes to take into consideration the scientifically proven values of not only a therapeutic massage, but also stretching, and why it’s important in the long-run – as it can also help to prevent serious injuries from improper form or over-exertion during a workout.

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Massage Is Good For Sports Year Round

Massage Is Good For Sports Year RoundOne of the oldest forms of remedial therapy for athletes is massage. Yes, after a rigorous workout or game, the body’s muscles need attention, and massage is the best way of handling things.

When the body is in motion, the muscles take charge. In addition, you have to coordinate on several levels of consciousness in order to control the muscles and make them operate at peak performance without causing injury. Sometimes people overdo it and put excessive stress on muscles, ligaments, and tendons. When this occurs sprains, and injuries can occur, but if massage is applied immediately after such activities, these maladies can be prevented allowing the athlete to get back into the swing of things.

Massage isn’t that difficult as there are levels from novice to professional. One can learn the rudimentary massage techniques and it’s well said that human beings have a natural sense of massage they use all the time. The art and science of massage, however, developed to make sure certain techniques actually work on specific areas of the body all the time. This systematic approach allows for precise study and application so that the working techniques can be passed on to others.
Learning massage is easy as well. There are plethora of video tutorials, books, classes, and more. Just glancing at these, one gets an idea of how massage is applied. It takes a professional, however you’ll need to get certification if you expect to do massage professionally.

There are lots of new sports arising because new devices are being created. One such is the new hoverboards that people all over are playing with. As easy as they appear, they still call for balancing and muscle control. After a fair amount of time on one, massage would come in handy to cool down the participant the same way you would use massage to cool down a football player or tennis player. Massaging the muscles so that they don’t bunch up causing cramps and so on.

Winter can take a real toll on athletes or anyone who has to battle the chilly temperatures, impact with snow and ice and so on. Since the muscles are working sometime twice as much as they would on land not covered with snow and ice, the cool down time could surely benefit from some massage, and anyone who has gone cross country skiing will agree.

So don’t sneeze at the benefits of massage. It’s a great way to prevent and handle physical problems and you can apply it to yourself as well as others too.

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When You Need A Sport Massage

sport-massage-tennisWhether you’re a professional athlete or someone who likes sports you can run the risk of several problems that can require sport massage therapies.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating sport massage techniques and therapies.  They’ve been around since the beginning of recorded history.  The ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, the sporting people of China and the rest of Asia and just about everyone else in the world had some forms of sport massage or massage in general for those worn out muscles.

Excessive exercise of the muscles can bring on muscle fatigue and injury.  Sport massage is used as both a preventative and remedying approach that no one yet has complained about.  Not everyone can be a top notch sport massage therapist and professionals are certified.  At home the regular folks can study up and apply these techniques.  It’s only when it comes to regular sports activities like in school or professionally that the high end forms of sport massage are called for big time.

One problem is DOMS or delayed-onset-muscle soreness.  This occurs when long after the exercise or activity the muscles then begin to ache.  When this happens it can debilitate an athlete and compromise their regular recovery.  Having a sport massage specialist around can change things for the better and if you’ve ever suffered from this you’ll know what we mean.

It’s always a wise move to prepare for muscle fatigue or injury when playing sports.  Again, it doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or just the average person.  The popularity nowadays of getting out and exercising more has some people overdoing things and that brings about another primary reason regarding the importance of sport massage.  There are private masseuses and parlors one can go to.  Having one at one’s exercise club is generally standard too.  If you don’t have one nearby you can take classes.  Actually it’s a good idea to gather up the family and friends and make an outing of learning sports massage because you never know when it will come in handy and it will come in handy.

It’s a relaxing and soothing and stress relieving process and done right can lead to more rapid recovery so that exercise and sporting can be done.

Considering that in today’s fitness conscious society, using sport massage before and after a workout or sporting event is a wise school of thought to employ.  It’s about preventing injury and remedying injuries which is a sound bit of advice and remedy.  Let’s say that mom decides to take up tennis.  Tennis is one of the more rigorous sports as it calls for lots of movement at a constant pace.  Muscles and tendons get quite a workout with just one match.  Prior to the match mom should have a sport massage and after the matches have another session.  This will prevent and handle things right there.  For bodybuilders let us say junior is looking to bulk up so he can compete with the bigger fellows on the football team.  Even at his teenage years he can overdo things and should have sport massage options available.

Not just sports but consider other physically demanding activities like dance or a job where physical labor is expended.  Using the muscles too much can cause injury and again sport massage can come in handy.

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