Treat Yourself to a Massage in Orlando

When you’re feeling tense and stressed out, seeing a masseuse can be highly advantageous. Not only will you feel more relaxed after a session, you’ll also be in better spirits. Tension can lead to discomfort and feelings of frustration. Over time, chronic tension can cause muscular problems and may even result in chronic pain. Instead of dealing with that later on, why not get a massage in Orlando now to improve your quality of life?

One of the most important factors for a successful experience is your level of comfort. You need to be at ease entirely. For some, this means being completely undressed. For others, it means remaining partially clothed. Just know that a professional masseuse is not there to judge your body or to evaluate you in any way. They are there to provide a service and to help you relax and to ease pain. That’s it.

When you get an Orlando massage, you’ll also notice the atmosphere is rather inviting. The room should be warm and comfortable. The table should be covered with fresh sheets and be padded enough so as to not cause any discomfort. Sometimes, aromatherapy is used to add to the ambiance and to induce feelings of calm. Soft music will play. All of these elements add up to an experience that will be memorable for all the right reasons. (more…)

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Massage for ADHD

Physical therapy, chiropractics and other bodily adjustments are used to treat a variety of conditions. One thing you might not know is the connection between these kinds of treatments and remedying ADHD.

Also known as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, ADHD can make it very difficult to concentrate, change tasks, and complete tasks. It can also make it hard to sit still for any great length of time. It can be very debilitating for productivity and often carries over into adulthood, oftentimes undiagnosed. While the main method of treatment for this condition is usually a variety of drugs, that’s not always the best idea, especially since these drugs can cause many unpleasant side effects.

Those with ADHD need near constant stimulation to stay engaged and happy. Sit still for too long or find themselves without a source of amusement and they’re likely to get fidgety and even angry. Since some believe the cause of ADHD is directly related to isolation or understimulation in a child’s early years, a possible remedy may be massage, which provides a suitable level of stimulation.

Current research shows this method of treatment to be effective on both kids and adolescents. A 15-minute treatment for 10 days in a row can work wonders for relaxing people with ADHD and making them happier. Over time, those who undergo massage show an increase in productivity and show fewer symptoms of hyperactivity.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what directly causes ADHD. This kind of treatment still seems to be effective because it calms down patients and offers a means of relaxation. This helps to create a sense of calm throughout the day that might have been missing otherwise. Though kids with ADHD need constant stimulation, they also need to learn how to relax and be calm. This is one way to accomplish that.

Of course, more research needs to be done on the effects of this kind of treatment on people with ADHD. At the moment, there’s no research on how it will affect adults. However, the promising results shown on kids and adolescents is a good indicator of how it may be received in the future. Massage isn’t viewed as a normal treatment for ADHD but with more research and further study, it’s likely it will start to be implemented more widely and more often as an alternative to drug-based therapies. And the fewer medications prescribed to kids, the better, don’t you think?



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How to Prevent Common Injuries as a Masseur

Orlando Male MassageAs a masseur you may often provide sports massage to amateur and even professional sportspeople you will see the effect of the stress and strains they put their bodies through in their sports and how easily they can injure themselves.

Though some of the worst injuries may be from contact sports like Football and Ice Hockey you will also see serious injuries from those who take part in individual sports and often from the sheer amount of training they have been doing: now though think about how much physical activity you as a masseur are doing each day?

It may not feel like much but you may be constantly putting strain on a few key muscles when giving a massage. If you don’t consider your own self –care you could easily see yourself developing the same kind of injuries as the people you treat and you could find yourself unable to work and unable to earn: a massive problem for self employed masseurs especially.

Preventing injury is most important, some masseurs will deliver extra massages in the evenings and also at the weekends. It is important each night your muscles get a good chance to recoup and recover and then when the weekend comes two days without doing any work is important.  Also vital is making sure you get enough sleep, and good quality sleep: which is when your body does most of its repairing and recovery.

What you eat is important but what you drink is even more vital, it is easy with a busy schedule of appointments to not drink enough water but you should try to have a glass of water between each appointment, your muscles need water to work properly and if you don’t drink enough water cramps and damage from lactic acid are a real danger.

Specific problems you might develop may need to be dealt with if you are already having problems of course. Tendon problems, including Tenosynovitis, come from stretching and straining particular tendons or groups of tendons and this comes from not stretching properly, if you start to have problems then stretching at the beginning and end of the day becomes important as well as before giving a massage that will be particularly hard work.

Tendon problems are most common when you first start as a masseur and you may need to cut back how many massage sessions you give each day to build up the fitness you need.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is another common problem for masseurs and comes from compression of nerves around the fingers and can cause pain and discomfort right up your arm.

Avoid computer work as this can strain wrists and fingers in the same way and make matters worse but again you may need to cut down appointments if you are having trouble to allow repair or things will get worse and leave you unable to work.

Stretching and self-massage will help short term but full repair may take longer, after repair you may want to go to the gym to strengthen muscles in your arms to avoid future injury.

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Improving the Male Immune System with Massage

When most people think of male massage, they think massage used to promote relaxation and well being in men. And while this is certainly one aspect of massage therapy, it can also be used to boost the immune system. In fact, the regular application of massage can promote an increase in white blood cells, which are responsible for attacking foreign invaders within the body like infections and cancer.

It’s unclear as to what causes this reaction, and more study needs to be done, but preliminary research suggests a reduction in stress allows the body to heal itself more efficiently. When you’re stressed, your body produces cortisol. This hormone reduces the number of white blood cells in the body and leaves you more susceptible to infections and diseases. But if the cortisol level is reduced, the number of white blood cells increases, which also helps to improve immune function. Male massage is thought to help accomplish this.

Having regular massages can reduce stress and improve your health physically and emotionally. Not only will you feel calmer and more relaxed, your body will function better and will be more capable of fighting off diseases. It might sound far-fetched, but it’s really not. Numerous studies have been conducted that show male massage reduces stress and improves immune function, including in those with cancer and who are HIV-positive.

The kinds of massages you get don’t necessarily seem to matter. Whether you require a deep tissue massage to get rid of knots and tension in the neck and shoulders or you just want a general relaxing massage, the effects seem to be the same on your overall health. Additionally, these results are found in women as well as men.

So what does all of this mean, exactly? In short, adding massage to your routine and lifestyle shouldn’t be looked at as a mere luxury. The implications a regular massage could have on your health are astounding and are worth considering. You don’t have to make a big commitment at first. Schedule an appointment for one session and see how you feel. You’ll likely feel relaxed, of course. With time, add more sessions to your schedule. It is with regular therapy you should really begin to notice a change in how you feel. You’ll likely get sick less often, feel more alert, and sleep better. The inclusion of massage in your life can change it for the better, so why not give it a try?

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Get a Massage While on Your Disney Orlando Getaway

Are you getting ready to head out on a vacation or Disney World in Orlando, Florida? If so, you might want to consider getting a massage while you’re there. After all, the whole idea of going on a vacation is to relax, right? All the more reason to look into Orlando massage therapy while you’re in the area to get the full experience.

Orlando is a Vacation Hotspot

There’s really no greater place to go on vacation than Orlando, Florida. After all, it encompasses a wide range of experiences in one place. You can go to Disney World, of course, and stop by Epcot Center. There are animal parks and water parks, museums and historical landmarks. There are places to visit for the family and places to visit just for adults. Regardless of what you want out of your vacation, you can’t go wrong with this city as your destination.

As with all vacations like this, especially those that involve going to theme parks, you’re going to get pretty tired from all that walking around. And no amount of sitting on those foot massagers in-park is going to relieve the pain and tension in your back, joints, or soothe your aching feet. That’s why seeking out Orlando massage therapy is a good idea to ensure your vacation is a truly enjoyable one.

Booking Orlando Massage Therapy

Before you hop on a plane to Orlando, you’ll definitely want to check out your massage options. Look into a salon or spa that’s near your hotel. This way, you can be certain that your Orlando massage therapy experience is close at hand throughout the duration of your trip. And, you can book an appointment or two ahead of time so that you won’t have scramble for a time to get a massage in between your other vacation engagements.

By including an appointment for a massage into your vacation plans you can make sure that you’ll:

  1. Actually get to it while in Orlando,
  2. Get the kind of massage at the date and time you want.

There’s no need to suffer through your vacation in pain or tensed up. Enjoy a relaxing massage so you can fit in all of your sightseeing adventures without succumbing to pain, soreness, or anxiety. And really, a vacation should be about getting some time to unwind, right? You don’t travel to Orlando to rush about. You go because you want to enjoy sights and experiences you don’t normally get to engage in. And with a massage on your schedule, you’ll be sure to enjoy every last stop on the itinerary.

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