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Lumbago can be effectively treated through massages

Lower back painCan Massage Help Your Back Problem medically known as ‘lumbago’ has been found to be the chief cause behind job disability on a worldwide basis. Approximately 10% of working adults suffer from lumbago and the condition becomes chronic for a significant proportion of those who first report back pain symptoms. However, back pain patients can now breathe a sigh of relief as a recent research has pinpointed that massages could furnish long-term respite from numbing pain.

A report of the study put out in the Pain Medicine journal detailed the massage benefits for those plagued by lumbago. In order to determine the positive effects of massaging, researchers reviewed 104 chronic back pain patients that had been referred to certified masseurs by their physicians. These patients attended at least 10 massage sessions over the course of 12 weeks where the massage therapists were at liberty to create patient-specific plans, instead of using a standardized program.

Following the end of the trial, 50% of the respondents who filled up a questionnaire reported that their back pain had significantly subsided. In fact, the improvement was so effectual for some individuals that the scores they had attained on a standardized selection test had plummeted below the disability threshold level. This information was conveyed by the assistant professor of health sciences at Purdue University Indianapolis, Niki Munk who was helming the study. Incidentally, Niki also happens to be a certified massage therapist.

Several patients who participated in the study not only experienced significant clinical improvement in back pain but the progress persisted as well. After three months, in which time, 75% of the respondents did not take any massages expressed feeling still quite better. Munk added that though the pain had relapsed somewhat but it was definitely much less than what it was when the study commenced.

Nevertheless, more studies have to be carried out so as to thoroughly figure out the exact massage benefits for lumbago and how this specific therapy helped in pain management. However, the few studies conducted so far have established that massage contributed directly towards assuaging muscular inflammation. The sample size for the research comprised of patients, some of whom were overweight, while a few were suffering from back pain due to a different health condition, and some were taking opioids.

The researchers observed that there was a level of improvement for almost everyone that participated in the study. At the same, they noted some demographics-oriented tendencies. For instance, adults aged 49 and beyond had a greater possibility of reaping the massage benefits in comparison to younger patients.

The improvements were also less likely to last for a specific time period as far as obese patients were concerned. And for those on opioids, the development was not noticeable enough so as to make a meaningful change in their day to day living. Director of behavioral health at the University Of Kentucky College Of Medicine’, William Elder, and another lead researcher in the study strongly felt that trials of a similar nature could have a bearing on the manner in which how doctors practiced.

This study as well as other such researches conducted in the future could furnish medical practitioners with sufficient evidence to recommend massage as an efficient treatment procedure.

Lower back pain patients can log in at or contact Douglas Powell at 407-325-8866 for scheduling a massage therapy session.

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Will Opting for Massages On a Regular Basis Help You Slim Down?

Will Opting for Massages On a Regular Basis Help You Slim Down?The effectiveness of time-honored strategy of blending a standardized workout regimen with a balanced dieting program has been overwhelmingly proved when it comes to losing weight. Nevertheless, for a significant proportion of individuals, this combo therapy has not been able to deliver the goods for reasons, the discussion of which is not the objective of this article. Unfortunately for these persons, the popular alternative weight loss techniques, more often than not, come to naught.
It won’t be an exaggeration to state in this context that in order to sustain a good quality of life, it becomes indispensable to lose excess weight and maintain a slim and trim physique. However, if conventional weight loss methods have not worked for you, you can still expect the desired results by trying out other means. For instance, you can hire a professional masseur who will massage your entire body in a manner that will eventually enable you to get rid of the excess flab around your abdomen, waist, and the thighs.

1. Massages can go a long way in stimulating metabolism
There are countless individuals that tend to put on weight inordinately owing to a metabolic rate which is slower than normal, eventually making them obese. A sluggish metabolic rate implies that your digestion is delayed which in turn delays the assimilation of nutrients by the body. Those with slow metabolism also tend to become fatty and the entire mechanism of gaining weight is exacerbated during periods of stress that has become unavoidable nowadays.
Significantly enough, a specialized massage that endeavors to melt the obstinately sitting fat by accelerating the calorie torching mechanism, can fast track a slow metabolic rate. Additionally, massages can be efficacious in getting relief from stress that causes one to binge and put on unwanted pounds.

2. Massages help shed flab and buildup of muscle mass
A massage can contribute significantly towards your losing the unwarranted fat that has the tendency to buildup primarily around the abdomen and waist regions. However a single or onetime massaging session will simply not be enough. If you wish to realize the outcome you are looking forward to then hiring an experienced masseur for multiple sessions will become imperative.
You’ll observe how a significant amount of the accumulated fat is transformed into muscle tissues once you have been through a few massaging sessions. A seasoned professional with several years of experience under his or her belt is well versed with the special kneading techniques for encouraging muscle growth and development. Massages, on the other hand, will also let your body weed out unwanted and damaging toxins.

3. Massages work great in helping drain out water from the body
Many individuals who are finding it difficult to melt fat by exploiting the traditional weight loss techniques will be pleasantly surprised to know a considerable proportion of the additional weight is comprised of water. Cells tend to absorb and retain the excessive water in the body that usually leads to cellulite. This is where a robust massage can work wonders activating the dermatological cells to give up the extra water and relieving cellulite.
Rounding up, it can be inferred that massaging sessions will work best (with respect to weight loss) when you stick to wholesome diets as well as persevere with your exercise program.
You can contact Douglas Powell at 407-325-8866 for scheduling a massaging therapy or log in at for complete details.

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A Relaxing Massage is all you Need to Shake the Stress Away

A Relaxing Massage is all you Need to Shake the Stress AwayPeople live a very busy life these days. As a result, they find little or no time at all for themselves. Time constraints and financial considerations often lead to a point where people forget their own needs over others.

Excuses about why one shouldn’t get a massage often revolve around some of the following factors.

An activity for the niche

An idea that has planted itself in the minds of the average Jane and Joe is that massage is not for everyone. It is an activity for the niche and elite. This is completely wrong, as massage is an activity or rather a service that is suited for everyone. Different techniques are applied by masseurs these days that serves to all body types and needs.

Time constraints

People these days are pretty busy and they think that making time for a massage session is a luxury they can’t afford! The truth is actually the opposite, they can take out some time for relaxing they are stressed out muscles as the modern day masseur won’t take much time to complete their massage session. If a person can make time for an appointment to the dentist, a piano lesson then they can make time for a massage session as well.

It’s expensive

Careful evaluation of an individual’s weekly expenses can often reveal some activities or transactions that they can do without. This will surely leave some dough left over for taking a trip to the massage studio. The best part of the deal is that once a person gets the taste of a soothing and relaxing massage session, they won’t leave much room for other unnecessary activities like taking a trip to the local pub for some drinks!

Responsibilities of the family

An individual who has taken up the responsibility of a family on his/her shoulder is already doing a noble deed and for that reason, they often find little to no time at all for themselves. This should be kept in mind that the responsibilities of the family can only be carried out if the person is at their full potential. Prioritizing self well being over other things is indeed a great lesson that can be passed on to the next generation.

Making excuses for not getting a massage is easy. This particular mindset is bound to change as soon as an individual who was reluctant and fussy at first, get down for a massage session. In almost all the cases, the most common response from a person is that why didn’t they settle for a massage session sooner.

The relaxed muscles, the toned joints and the overall feeling of happiness all adds t o the appeal for a massage.

Douglas Powell is a licensed massage therapist. Douglas provides his services in the Winter Park area within the state of Florida. He can be contacted at 407 – 325 – 8866 or by visiting his business center at Crealde Business Center, 2431 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, FL 32792.

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Cupping Massage Is Still Popular

Cupping Massage Is Still PopularIf you’ve not heard or seen cupping massage, you’re in for a treat as this ancient method of massage is a very modern day popular treatment. People have been using cupping massage for thousands of years. Its purpose is to treat pain and injury as well as optimize certain areas of the body for physical performance. Today’s audience looking for anything to alleviate problems and increase performance fell upon cupping massage when celebrities started spotlighting the technique.

As soon as the public saw the circular red marks caused by cupping massage on the bodies of the rich and famous, the fad factor went through the roof. It still took cupping massage a while to win over as a certified practice but the proof of its success was in the performance. When star athletes, including the Olympic athletes, started showing off what cupping did for them, the word was out and the meteoric rise of popularity started and hasn’t stopped.

Cupping massage is a simple concept but a very specialized skill. One uses regular sized cups made of clay, bamboo, glass, and other materials and places them over an affected area that needs attention. The cup is heated and causes a suction action that stimulates the tissue beneath. Effects include the increase in circulation and neural stimulation. Any injuries then receive more nutrients to repair the damaged tissue and for athletes in specialized sports can get tissue enhanced safely and naturally.

Many will swear by cupping massage and that word of mouth is a major part of its popularity. People see friends and family improve and that’s enough of a selling point to them. Practitioners of the process are now required to have certification and you’ll find most working in conjunction with chiropractic and acupuncture. For those reticent to use pharmaceuticals, cupping therapy is an alternative they pursue. It’s always best to consult a doctor before undergoing any treatment. If your doctor is familiar with the field of cupping massage they may have a professional they can recommend thus making it easier for them to follow your progress in conjunction with your regular medical treatments.

Once all the elements are in place, you’ll be with a professional practitioner of cupping therapy and they’ll guide you through the prep and follow through. It can cause the skin to become discolored for days, even weeks, but no damage to the tissue occurs nor is long lasting. Each practitioner may employ one or more cupping techniques from stationary to moving. It all depends on the kind of problems you have and what they feel is the best approach to address the problem. How long the treatments are is another factor. It depends on what the injuries are and for athletes, how rigorous their activities are. Oils and other things might be employed but overall the heated cupping technique is primary.

So cupping massage has proven to be successful for people all over the world and is probably coming to a place near you. Do your due diligence when choosing a practitioner, see if they’re certified, how long they’ve been in business, what the reviews are. You’ll be starting off on a new adventure.

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Getting The Best Massage Experience

Getting The Best Massage ExperienceThe purpose of massage is to alleviate physical problems arising from emotional and physical stress and trauma. It takes expertise to be an effective masseuse, and it doesn’t come easy. As a person who needs a massage therapist, it takes some know-how to determine if you’re getting the best massage experience.

First of all, make sure your massage therapist is certified. And has insurance. That’s key because it shows that the practitioner has passed muster and is authorized to administer massages.

That’s not all that’s required of a massage therapist. Knowing the basics of massage that pass certification isn’t enough. It calls for expertise and personal acumen that makes the practitioner effective. It calls for knowing some basic medicine and knowing the right bedside manner. The massage therapist is there to make things go easy and smooth, not convoluted and stressful. It takes knowing the patient and diagnosing where the problem areas are in the body and how much both mental and in some cases spiritual, so as better to apply the proper massage techniques.

Your massage therapist should at first ask you tons of questions. They might even ask for your medical history. It’s because they don’t want to aggravate an existing or old physical problem. Knowing your regular routines, like what sports and activities you engage in will help the massage therapist better approach you.

The place where the massage takes place should be clean, professional looking, and most of all peaceful and tranquil. The right equipment should be placed for easy access and should be comfy as well. Since some massage therapists are taller than others, or stronger or whatever physical configuration, they’ll adjust their methods to the equally assorted shapes and sizes that clients come in. Basically, the proper massage therapist will accommodate you. If they don’t, if they’re rough, rude, pushy, then you’re dealing with someone only interested in money and not your well being.

It’s all about making your massage session and experience worthwhile.

So in a recap, a pro level massage therapist is going to have the credentials to back up their knowledge and skills. Their office will be clean, professional looking and accommodating to the clients. The massage therapist will ask the client a ton of questions during consultations which will involve lots of patient history, massage techniques, and more. A professional massage therapist will then discuss costs and client’s responsibilities such as not engaging in activities that cause the need for a massage therapist.

Massage therapy calls for not only scientific, medical, and other sciences, but primarily the skills to apply massage for effective and sane treatments that should go hand-in-hand with your regular work and exercise regimens as well as lifestyle overall.

One might say that a massage therapist has a real ‘hands on’ occupation.

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Massage Is Definitely Good For You

Massage Is Definitely Good For YouIt won’t take much to convince most people the benefits of massage and massage therapy. There are two fronts here, massage what people do to one another and massage therapy that is done by a professional.

People are natural masseuses, it’s part of our natural healing process from rubbing our necks and arms and legs to going to a professional parlor or office and getting the works done.

Massage isn’t something that you just up and do without a strategy, you have to have technique. You do it wrong and you can end up causing someone some injury like cramps or bruises.

Athletes will testify to the benefits of massage and their need for such therapy has led a multi billion dollar industry. There are specialists and massage gurus all over the place. There are support merchandise and classes.

Science has examined the field of massage and there are numerous debates regarding clinical data. It shows that massage does allow for rehabilitating the body and that means positive things overall. This opened the door to people going out to learn massage techniques to use at home or as a business.

You’ll find massage therapists at hospitals now and even traveling therapists who make house calls. Some therapists who cater to celebrities make incomes in the seven figure column and these positions are highly coveted.

It’s only when massage therapy gets combined with other philosophies that it gets into trouble. People are always trying to put a new spin on things and that can cause the subject to be chastised. The bottom line though is that whenever massage is practiced by competent people, it works.
It even works on animals. Many veterinarians use massage therapy on animals. It relieves stress and tension as well as have a somewhat healing affect on the body.
Getting trained in massage is relatively easy. You can attend classes that are certified and uncertified or you can watch tutorials on sites like YouTube where massage specialists will walk you through the basics so that you’ll have a good grip, no pun intended, on what massage can do.

If you’re going to get massage therapy, it’s best to read up on it. There’s lots of material on the subject and sometimes a professional is just what you need if you have the money for it. Pros use oils and lotions made of special herbs and spices. Sometimes massages are meant to coax toxins out of the skin and rehabilitate the skin’s flexibility. That is where the pros come in. They’re trained to focus on multiple approaches to massage, each one resulting in a different affect but each in harmony with the others. You get skin rehab and then muscle, joints, tendons to get the body working properly. It relieves stress and lowers blood pressure. Overall, an inside and outside workout kind of therapy that millions will swear by.

So don’t be put off by hearsay regarding massage. It’s an age old tradition that’s been tried and true since the dawn of civilization.

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Health Benefits of Regular Massages

Health Benefits of Regular MassagesMassages are generally viewed as a very positive thing by most people for their recreational and relaxing attributes. While massages can certainly help you wind down and feel better, they actually have benefits that may go much deeper. They are shown to help relieve a number of different types of main from joint pain to aching muscles. They can also help the body actually generate a number of natural chemicals that help alleviate pain and may relax and calm people. These effects can be especially important in people who suffer from chronic pain or related disorders including arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, etc. They may also help people who are dealing with the everyday stressors of life.

Believe it or not, massages also help counter some of the effects of sedentary lifestyles. Many people these days have jobs and lifestyles that generally do not require them to move around or be as physical as people once were. This has led to very serious public health issues in the Western world as obesity rates have gone up and more people are suffering from chronic metabolic and cardiovascular diseases like heart failure and diabetes. Massages actually can simulate certain muscle and body movements that may improve circulation and keep things the way they should be. Of course they are not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle which includes daily exercise, but they can help be an additional benefit. Massages along with exercise is really the optimal way to do it in terms of improving an individual’s health outcomes.

Massages can also help heal those who are suffering from injury or illness. The improved circulation often translates to better transport of vital materials sent by your body to help heal what is being fixed. Massages also keep these areas more flexible, thereby potentially cutting down physical therapy requirements. Physical therapy can often be a long and grueling process which sometimes leads to other issues like mental disorders, so limiting the need for it by preserving body function can be a very positive thing, especially when done in such a simple way.

And then there is the obvious benefit of getting a massage- feeling relaxed. Today’s lives are often very stressful for many adults and massages can be a good way on unwinding and maintaining good mental health. From work to relationships to being a parent, there are many challenges that millions of people face today. Unfortunately, this has often led to use and even overuse of certain medications as we see higher rates of anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. These disorders can be very debilitating in terms of the effect on one’s life and the medications sometimes are addictive (especially with anxiolytics) and often come with side effects. Massages can be a good potential alternative treatment and likely something that is an even better preventative agent.

So you always knew you enjoyed that spa day and just relaxing as someone helped you unwind. Now you have all the more reason to go get a massage. So what are you waiting for?

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A new solution to supporting children with Autism

A new solution to supporting children with AutismAccording to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), mental illness or disorders within the Autism spectrum are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s American Population—and globally. In fact, upwards of 1 per every 68 children are diagnosed with a mental disorder that is on the Autism Spectrum annually. This is a tremendous increase throughout recent years—around 10 to 15 years or so to be exact, and causes for both great scientific and social concern. While there is much speculation around what the common causes are for developing Autism, it’s presently most scientifically founded with the significance of genetics. Some scientists and experts blame prenatal injury, alcoholism (think: FAS) or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and other biological factors not otherwise yet discovered.

By definition, the National Institutes of Health indicates that there are a multitude of characteristics, levels, or ‘forms’ of mental illnesses that fall on Autism Spectrum Disorder. Ranging from Asperger Syndrome, to more severe types of full on “Autism’, there are multiple methods of treatment, medications, and now therapy. According to the NIH, through the various states of Autism Spectrum Disorder, there are many changes that require varying levels of care, support, and appropriately evolving methods of treatment to most practically benefit the individual. Some common symptoms of individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders are an ability to make eye contact willingly or comfortably, a lack of social skills superseding ‘typical’ growth expectations, restricted or obvious difficulties in communicating, and other stereotypical behavior that is commonly observed across the range of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

According to research, symptoms of Autism can be observed as early as 6-months old or less. A recent research and training module has been implemented to support the treatment and therapy efforts of young individuals—and adults—whom may suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorders. A certified prenatal and pediatric massage therapist at First Peek Ultrasound (McKinney, Texas) recently discovered a new form of treatment for her 5-month old whom has been diagnosed with Autism—and has thus far experienced great results. Properly addressing, treating, and supporting the frustrations and emotional barriers of a child with Autism may very well be as ‘simple’ as massaging your child in a credible, controlled, and emotionally supported way, in a controlled environment, on a daily basis. In fact, recent research conducted per this new form of therapy reflects great success rates, with stimulating a child’s willingness to safely and happily interpret meaningful touch, both towards others and receiving from others. This is a common obstacle, as many individuals diagnosed with Autism suffer from a fear of touch, have sensory impairment, and can even be intimidated (if not traumatized) by unexpected or unwanted physical touch.

This proposed form of massage therapy for young individuals (as small as babies) is to massage them for 15 minutes per day to stimulate their sensory, and condition them to appreciate that ‘touch’ can be enjoyable, meaningful, and make one happy.

While there is still much to be discovered, new methods of treatment, support, and success for individuals with Autism can be implemented for you and your child, and lead to an overall happier and well-balanced family!

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