5 Things That Can Actually Interfere With The Normal Sleep Cycle

Five things that stop a good night’s sleepIf you are feeling sleepy in the afternoon, then you could probably refresh yourself with some coffee. But, even if you think about going to bed early, you should know what might disturb the sleeping cycle. So, as you scroll ahead you can check out the reasons why you are unable to sleep.

Visiting the gym later during the day

Running on the treadmill can surely increase the dopamine level or neurotransmitters that make you feel good. This might seem to be good especially when you planning to fall asleep in an hour or so. But, if you exercise before bedtime, then it wouldn’t help you to sleep. You might feel to do some work when your mind is fresh. If you can’t go for a workout much before the sun sets, then think about exercises that are related to maintaining men’s health. To calm down your body and mind, you can either try yoga or tai chi.

Taking too much caffeine

Due to the presence of caffeine, coffee can help to enhance the power if it’s taken before a workout or after you have woken up in the morning. But, in case you are having it at 2 pm in the afternoon, then it might be tough to sleep. Moreover, you should check the labels of sports drinks or supplements that add on to men’s health. If you come across an ingredient that affects sleep, then you shouldn’t use it.

Additionally, you shouldn’t think about weight-loss drugs that may contain caffeine. On the other hand, you should be careful while drinking green tea because it can also contain caffeine.

In case you need to take a supplement, then always check the constituents and seek the opinion of the doctor.

Checking notifications on the phone

If you are going to check emails every time during the day and night, then it may be difficult to sleep. Simply keeping a smartphone within the arm’s reach can also disturb you when it’s time to go to bed. Working late at night can also build up the stress and have a negative impact on men’s health. This eventually makes things tough even when you need to rest at night.

So, it’s always a good idea to set limits for checking emails and switching off the smartphone two hours before bedtime. Disconnecting yourself from what’s happening online can help you relax and fall asleep in no time.

Watching too much television

Bright light from the television or the smartphone can actually trick the mind with the thought that it’s morning. The lights signals not only affect men’s health but may also disrupt the sleep. So, whatever might be the case, you should keep yourself away from the television even if you are tempted to switch it on. Simply lying down on the bed is the effective way to fall asleep. Alternatively, you can use iPhone’s “Night Shift” feature, that changes the screen’s color to light red and helps you doze off faster.

Drinking too much alcohol

Though alcohol helps to relax, it may affect men’s heath and interfere with the usual sleep cycle. In case you’re planning to have a cocktail or beer, then you may wake up in the middle of the night. But, if you had your last drink two hours before bedtime then you can have a sound sleep.

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Health Benefits of Regular Massages

Health Benefits of Regular MassagesMassages are generally viewed as a very positive thing by most people for their recreational and relaxing attributes. While massages can certainly help you wind down and feel better, they actually have benefits that may go much deeper. They are shown to help relieve a number of different types of main from joint pain to aching muscles. They can also help the body actually generate a number of natural chemicals that help alleviate pain and may relax and calm people. These effects can be especially important in people who suffer from chronic pain or related disorders including arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, etc. They may also help people who are dealing with the everyday stressors of life.

Believe it or not, massages also help counter some of the effects of sedentary lifestyles. Many people these days have jobs and lifestyles that generally do not require them to move around or be as physical as people once were. This has led to very serious public health issues in the Western world as obesity rates have gone up and more people are suffering from chronic metabolic and cardiovascular diseases like heart failure and diabetes. Massages actually can simulate certain muscle and body movements that may improve circulation and keep things the way they should be. Of course they are not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle which includes daily exercise, but they can help be an additional benefit. Massages along with exercise is really the optimal way to do it in terms of improving an individual’s health outcomes.

Massages can also help heal those who are suffering from injury or illness. The improved circulation often translates to better transport of vital materials sent by your body to help heal what is being fixed. Massages also keep these areas more flexible, thereby potentially cutting down physical therapy requirements. Physical therapy can often be a long and grueling process which sometimes leads to other issues like mental disorders, so limiting the need for it by preserving body function can be a very positive thing, especially when done in such a simple way.

And then there is the obvious benefit of getting a massage- feeling relaxed. Today’s lives are often very stressful for many adults and massages can be a good way on unwinding and maintaining good mental health. From work to relationships to being a parent, there are many challenges that millions of people face today. Unfortunately, this has often led to use and even overuse of certain medications as we see higher rates of anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. These disorders can be very debilitating in terms of the effect on one’s life and the medications sometimes are addictive (especially with anxiolytics) and often come with side effects. Massages can be a good potential alternative treatment and likely something that is an even better preventative agent.

So you always knew you enjoyed that spa day and just relaxing as someone helped you unwind. Now you have all the more reason to go get a massage. So what are you waiting for?

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Male Massage Therapy for Relieving Stress

Male MassageMassage is a well-known way to relieve stress and improve how you feel overall. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, 39 million people in the US have at least one massage a year. This is a significant portion of the populace, indicating that massage is highly beneficial to the quality of life of everyday people. It doesn’t matter what sex you are, this therapy provides relief.

If you are a man, male massage may be especially beneficial to you. It doesn’t fundamentally differ from the kinds of massages women yet, but may make you more comfortable getting a targeted massage.

For starters, you may benefit from treatments that target common areas that hold tension. I’m talking about your head, neck, and eyes. Specific massage techniques can be used to relieve headaches and tension and even relieve sinus pressure and pain caused by eye strain. People are overworked and sleep too little, making massage an essential part of your health. This is especially the case if it can be used to release stress and give you a bit of a break once in a while.

Another area that male massage may target are the hands. This can get rid of stress that’s built up during the day and leave your fingers feeling more nimble for the next day.

A good neck and shoulder massage can work wonders for getting rid of stress caused by tension. When you’re tense, you tend to shrug up your shoulders and this can lead to increased neck pain and even headaches. A trained professional can massage this area to work out any knots and leave you feeling looser and more relaxed.

Another place that gets really tense is the lower back. Sitting incorrectly at a desk all day long or lifting heavy things incorrectly are the prime causes of lower back pain. Thankfully, male massage can relieve tension in this area and leave you feeling more flexible and pain free–a major precursor to stress relief.

Finally, you may find that a good foot massage is all you need to relieve stress. There are a lot of acupressure points on your feet as well, which can create a more relaxed you when properly stimulated. The key here is to find a massage therapist that is well-versed in a variety of different massage techniques and is willing to try a bunch of different things to provide you with the best quality results.

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Massage may show evidence of health benefits

Despite being used the world over for hundreds of years and being a common part of many people’s lives, massage is still seen as an alternative therapy: this basically means that its benefits aren’t officially recognized by most doctors and it is therefore not something usually recommended by doctors, although physiotherapy that involves massage is.

A massage can be done by anyone but to get the best results and to make sure you are safe all but the most basic massage should be professional massage done by a qualified masseur; still though most professionals are careful about the benefits they promise and relaxation and the easing of aching muscles is usually all that is promised; many believe professional massage can be beneficial in a variety of other ways such as boosting the immune system, relieving stress and boosting the metabolism.

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The Anti-Aging Strategy: Strength Exercising

As people grow older, our body start to naturally reduce muscle mass. During our 30’s and 40’s many of us reduce approximately a half a pound of muscle mass annually. When you reach fifty, the pace of muscle reduction may double to around one pound of muscle tissue annually. Muscle strength declines as we age  at around three times quicker than muscle mass. With the loss of muscle mass, our own body fat proportion naturally raises. Additionally, reduced exercise levels plus a lousy diet plan is equivalent to increased fat storage. A smaller amount muscle mass and increased body fat levels result in a sluggish metabolic rate. A sluggish metabolic rate means we lose much less calories. The actual result: extra weight, elevated body fat, greater chance of illness. Without the need of intervention, most of us turn into a weak, aged person without having the muscle mass as well as strength to assist our personal skeletal system.

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Advantages of Massage for Men

Male therapeutic massage is substantially less common in a lot of countries compared to massages for women are; the notion of going for a massage conjures up thoughts of spas and pampering which usually majority of men don’t consider as being very masculine.

This is a shame however as men’s massage has several benefits, many of which are particular to males and could be exactly what they need.

The most can be received through men’s massage by using a experienced professional masseur, nevertheless quite a few men may well prefer to have a massage at home from a partner. In some instances the partner might favor this as well as having a boyfriend or partner going to a massage parlor might spark suspicion in some cases; there tend to be although a good deal of highly professional massage facilities which may appeal for men with a massage focused on relaxation and wellness benefits.

It has frequently been found in studies that males are far more likely to retain tension and anxieties while females are much more likely to discuss them. This means however that males are much more likely to be both psychologically and physically stressed. Irritability and sleep disorder can be connected to nervousness and male massage can easily assist a man to loosen up and ease out stress in the muscles. A relaxing massage may also be very distracting from difficulties and could consequently be ideal for a person when he comes home or on his way home from work or at home prior to going to sleep.

A men’s massage by the male’s partner may not only be exactly what he will feel more comfortable along with but might in addition have other advantages for the relationship. A companion massage may often be sensual in a way that a massage from a masseur can’t be. A massage from a companion may bring the couple closer together and also this may be specially significant for a couple which find it tough to find time to spend together and it helps make the actual time together appear a lot more precious.

Men who operate in really physical jobs as well as men who commute lengthy distances might have specific need for a massage. With physical jobs such as those including a lot of picking up or staying active most of day muscle tissue may very easily become exhausted and possibly weakened. It may be that a person will need a every day massage to assist releasing lactic acid and to loosen up muscles to guarantee that complications don’t expand and they won’t have difficulties the next day. Traumas as well although can be handled with massage although this may be best accomplished by a specialist: an expert masseur will recognize which muscle group to concentrate on for certain problems such as tightness in specific areas that may appear from typical situations elsewhere.

As for automobile drivers these people sit in the exact same position, sometimes for hours on end every day, this lack of activity could be unhealthy for muscles as can holding yourself in a position: which usually might occur when your seat is poorly adjusted. A good therapeutic male massage will once again though help these males who do a lot of driving to carry on in their work without having discomfort.

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