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These are Foods to Eat for Building Muscles

These are Foods to Eat for Building Muscles

You don’t need to be a fitness expert to be aware of the fact that in order to obtain your dream physique, it’s not enough to hit the gym as hard as you can. Nutrition plays a very important role in this transformation process and if you’re after building some serious muscle, you don’t need just those magic protein powders some people keep talking about. No, it’s all about the muscle food, containing nutrients that boost your energy and speed recovery before and a er the gym.

There have been numerous debates on which are the best so-called muscle foods and the complete list can take hours to go through. However, we made a short selection and decided on a few of the best options you have as an athlete looking forward to looking his or her best!

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt

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Yes, yogurt is a healthy choice, as long as it’s plain, without any added sweeteners, but Greek yogurt is actually the choice of champions. Loaded with muscle-nourishing nutrients, it can be one of your best workout partners.

“It’s a good source of protein, calcium and vitamin D, which are good for muscles,” says Ilyse Schapiro, a registered dietitian.

Cottage cheese

Greek yogurt

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Rich in protein, cottage cheese is another muscle food you should include in your diet. Also, it’s excellent for maintenance, thanks to all the calcium and vitamin B12 it contains.
Always opt for low-fat varieties, since a cup has just 163 calories, but 28 grams of protein, as much as four eggs.



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Speaking about them, it’s worth mentioning that eggs are some of the top sources of protein, each of them containing up to seven grams. If you’re usually opting for high-intensity workouts, it’s recommended to consume 14 grams of protein, so two eggs are perfect for a meal.

Wild salmon

Wild salmon

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With 39 grams per serving, it’s obvious that wild salmon has a high protein content and it’s among the best muscle foods you can pick. Besides this, its benefits list is completed by the omega-3 fatty acids it contains, great for maintaining a healthy heart and keeping all the inflammation away.

Just make sure you always buy wild and not farmed salmon, as the latter is usually plumped with fishmeal and is high in polychlorinated biphenyls, chemicals that lead to endocrine disruption.

Chocolate milk

Chocolate milk

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We know, you love it, but what if we told you that it can play an essential role in your mission to the perfect body? Add chocolate milk to your essential pre- and post- workout snacks list and you will quickly observe its benefits.

Specifically, its naturally occurring electrolytes will keep you hydrated, not to mention that its sweetness will ‘inject’ energy into muscles, making it equally good after a workout session.

There are situations in which you feel tired after working out, even though you follow a tailored diet. However, this shouldn’t be a reason to panic, since a massage session can fix everything. Orlando Male Massage is the place where you can enjoy it, in a peaceful and warm atmosphere, during a session custom tailored to meet your individual needs.

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Tips that Can Really Enhance the Massage Experience

Tips to Having the Best Massage ExperienceThere are many factors that arise whenever an individual experiences a relaxing and enjoyable massage. But, in order to get the most of the chiropractic treatment, there are some tips the person needs to follow. This would not only help to enhance the experience but also would refresh the individual.

Choose the best therapist

Finding a therapist depending on your needs and your personality can actually bring in satisfaction. Every therapist follows a unique approach and focuses on specific areas. So, before taking any step, you should do a little bit of research and ensure that the approach is as per your expectations and goals.

Speaking about backaches or pains is always better before the expert starts off with the session. This would help you know whether your needs are met during the chiropractic treatment.

It is better to go through the therapist’s resume and certifications in case you are searching for a solution for specific problems or issues. Moreover, being honest and straightforward can certainly help to know the purpose of the treatment from the beginning.

Be well prepared

Running late for the session would only ruin the experience because you won’t be giving sufficient time for the mind and body to relax. So, to gain benefits, you should be 15 minutes before the session actually starts. As you step inside the spa, a few minutes are spent in filling out a form, using the restroom and keeping yourself calm after the stressful day.

As soon as you lie down on the table, you would be requested to take a few breaths. This serves to be helpful because it would clear the mind and prepare your body.

If you need the expert to start massaging the body immediately, then you must drink adequate amount of water and enjoy a shower to keep the body warm. As the shower helps in loosening up the muscles, the body would relax in a much better way. The therapist would also start working on the muscles and break up lactic acid throughout the entire session.

Keep your belongings aside

For a better experience, you should keep your worries and belongings aside much before you step into the room. Both clients and therapists need to keep away things that can actually distract them.

As a therapist, it’s always a good idea to leave personal things next to the door. The client would be recommended to carry out stretching and breathing exercises so that he is completely prepared for the treatment.

Follow a post-massage routine

Soon after the treatment, you must return home and enjoy a hot bath with Epsom salt mixed in water. As you spend a few minutes inside the bathroom, your muscles would relax and you would be relieved from soreness. Light stretching exercises and drinking lots of water can also help the mind and body to calm down.

The best time to go for a massage is when you know that you have enough time to relax. You would be able to enjoy the benefits only when you go through the treatment and you would be busy throughout the day.

Orlando Male massage is carried out by an experienced and knowledgeable professional. The person goes through the massage inside a studio which is warm and peaceful. At every instance, the professional respects privacy and keeps every single confidential.

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A Relaxing Massage is all you Need to Shake the Stress Away

A Relaxing Massage is all you Need to Shake the Stress AwayPeople live a very busy life these days. As a result, they find little or no time at all for themselves. Time constraints and financial considerations often lead to a point where people forget their own needs over others.

Excuses about why one shouldn’t get a massage often revolve around some of the following factors.

An activity for the niche

An idea that has planted itself in the minds of the average Jane and Joe is that massage is not for everyone. It is an activity for the niche and elite. This is completely wrong, as massage is an activity or rather a service that is suited for everyone. Different techniques are applied by masseurs these days that serves to all body types and needs.

Time constraints

People these days are pretty busy and they think that making time for a massage session is a luxury they can’t afford! The truth is actually the opposite, they can take out some time for relaxing they are stressed out muscles as the modern day masseur won’t take much time to complete their massage session. If a person can make time for an appointment to the dentist, a piano lesson then they can make time for a massage session as well.

It’s expensive

Careful evaluation of an individual’s weekly expenses can often reveal some activities or transactions that they can do without. This will surely leave some dough left over for taking a trip to the massage studio. The best part of the deal is that once a person gets the taste of a soothing and relaxing massage session, they won’t leave much room for other unnecessary activities like taking a trip to the local pub for some drinks!

Responsibilities of the family

An individual who has taken up the responsibility of a family on his/her shoulder is already doing a noble deed and for that reason, they often find little to no time at all for themselves. This should be kept in mind that the responsibilities of the family can only be carried out if the person is at their full potential. Prioritizing self well being over other things is indeed a great lesson that can be passed on to the next generation.

Making excuses for not getting a massage is easy. This particular mindset is bound to change as soon as an individual who was reluctant and fussy at first, get down for a massage session. In almost all the cases, the most common response from a person is that why didn’t they settle for a massage session sooner.

The relaxed muscles, the toned joints and the overall feeling of happiness all adds t o the appeal for a massage.

Douglas Powell is a licensed massage therapist. Douglas provides his services in the Winter Park area within the state of Florida. He can be contacted at 407 – 325 – 8866 or by visiting his business center at Crealde Business Center, 2431 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, FL 32792.

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Why Men Should Get Massages

Why Men Should Get MassagesIt is a great stigma that massages are more of a feminine activity or leisurely pastime. There are actually many reasons why the male massage is severely underrated by our society. It can actually help treat ailments, for one. This is usually the case because massages can help reduce muscle fatigue and increase blood flow throughout the body. It can lead to relaxation of the muscles and reduces the risks of tightening and the sequelae known with that, especially in middle-aged and older men. Massages can also help stop injuries from sports by increasing the flexibility of muscles and allowing for optimal healing as the increased blood flow can lead to better transport of nutrients and other materials to areas that need to be repaired. On the flip side, the flow can also lead to a quicker removal of byproducts made by the cell which needs to be removed from the body.

Massages also improve wellbeing in other ways. They can help reduce stress, get rid of anxiety, and improve upon stress levels. In general, people who get massages tend to feel better and happier than their counterparts who did not get massages. According to Men’s Health magazine, there are also notable physiological changes that go with men who get regular massages. For one, their blood pressure levels tend to be significantly lower than those who do not get these massages. They also have fewer downstream comorbidities including kidney failure and heart failure.

It can be hard to find the time to actually get massages during our busy lives, but once you find the time you will find that it is well worth it. People who get regular massages report higher efficiency in work and other things they do, often to the point where the time spent on the massage is easily made up for elsewhere. It is also great for morale as treating yourself and taking care of your body is important. Combine massages with meditation and you can really get a holistic rejuvenation experience in terms of mind and body.

The great thing about massages is that they are growing in popularity as people fully appreciate the upside and what is the really minimal downside. More and more massage services are cropping up across the country to really meet every need. Whether you want someone to come to your house or you want someone where you can go to a professional setting, there are many, many options available. If you are interested in finding a good masseuse in your area check out reviews online- that is usually a pretty good bet at finding a decent professional. From there it is really about your personal relationship and what works best for you so don’t be discouraged if you don’t find someone you like on the first try. Different masseuses practice different types of massages so they have different techniques and styles and people getting them will have their own preferences. Eventually, you will surely find someone who meets your needs and helps you really relax the way you should.

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Massages as a Method of Relaxation

Massages as a Method of RelaxationMassages can be an excellent form of relaxation albeit one that is underutilized by many people. Also known as the Swedish massage, relaxation massages can improve blood flow and make you feel more calm and confident about yourself. Licensed professionals can customize the massage to your needs and your body to make sure that the practice brings you the most utility possible. A good massage can be as effective as exercise or other stress relief measures when it comes to “restarting” your brain and clearing it of lingering thoughts so that you feel fresh and ready to take on the next challenge ahead.

The shoulders, back, and neck are areas that can get especially tense due to stress. Swedish massages can release that tension and also lead to the release of endorphins which may improve the mode of the person getting the massage. They may also help with certain physical ailments or pain due to medical conditions. The relaxation massage really taps into your energy centers to improve both physical and emotional wellbeing, really preparing a person to be their best.

Many people unfortunately only see massages as a rare treat that they may allow themselves during special occasions such as vacations. While it is good to get them in such instances, it can be a lot more effective to get them more often- even as frequent as every couple of weeks. The constant reduction of tension can really make a notable difference in a person’s quality of life and may lead to several synergies in their lives. The cost may be a drawback, but it is usually something that can be tried for a  few sessions and a lot of people seem to be able to justify the cost especially after they see the difference it really makes in almost all aspects of their lives after a few sessions in the massage room.

Longer term plans to get massages may also allow for discounted massages if you are going with the same place with almost a running appointment or contract to come back every so often. So what are you waiting for? For the price you may pay for something like cable television a month, you may be able to get a massage every few weeks and it will likely leave you feeling a lot better than the extra television or other things you may spend that money on. Go give it a try!

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Health Benefits of Regular Massages

Health Benefits of Regular MassagesMassages are generally viewed as a very positive thing by most people for their recreational and relaxing attributes. While massages can certainly help you wind down and feel better, they actually have benefits that may go much deeper. They are shown to help relieve a number of different types of main from joint pain to aching muscles. They can also help the body actually generate a number of natural chemicals that help alleviate pain and may relax and calm people. These effects can be especially important in people who suffer from chronic pain or related disorders including arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, etc. They may also help people who are dealing with the everyday stressors of life.

Believe it or not, massages also help counter some of the effects of sedentary lifestyles. Many people these days have jobs and lifestyles that generally do not require them to move around or be as physical as people once were. This has led to very serious public health issues in the Western world as obesity rates have gone up and more people are suffering from chronic metabolic and cardiovascular diseases like heart failure and diabetes. Massages actually can simulate certain muscle and body movements that may improve circulation and keep things the way they should be. Of course they are not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle which includes daily exercise, but they can help be an additional benefit. Massages along with exercise is really the optimal way to do it in terms of improving an individual’s health outcomes.

Massages can also help heal those who are suffering from injury or illness. The improved circulation often translates to better transport of vital materials sent by your body to help heal what is being fixed. Massages also keep these areas more flexible, thereby potentially cutting down physical therapy requirements. Physical therapy can often be a long and grueling process which sometimes leads to other issues like mental disorders, so limiting the need for it by preserving body function can be a very positive thing, especially when done in such a simple way.

And then there is the obvious benefit of getting a massage- feeling relaxed. Today’s lives are often very stressful for many adults and massages can be a good way on unwinding and maintaining good mental health. From work to relationships to being a parent, there are many challenges that millions of people face today. Unfortunately, this has often led to use and even overuse of certain medications as we see higher rates of anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. These disorders can be very debilitating in terms of the effect on one’s life and the medications sometimes are addictive (especially with anxiolytics) and often come with side effects. Massages can be a good potential alternative treatment and likely something that is an even better preventative agent.

So you always knew you enjoyed that spa day and just relaxing as someone helped you unwind. Now you have all the more reason to go get a massage. So what are you waiting for?

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Fingerprinting Law Helps Keep Away Unauthorized Massage Workers (Florida)

Fingerprinting Law Helps Keep Away Unauthorized Massage Workers (Florida)Florida residents don’t have to worry about getting a massage from any untrained workers these days, it seems as if it was a rather large problem though. There are tons of people whom have dedicated their lives to being a massage therapist (as in a legitimate one) and those who aren’t properly trained just ruin it for everybody else. The Florida state has passed a law that really cracks down on unauthorized massage parlors, especially if they aren’t following the proper rules put in place. Most of the places that we’re talking about (as in the unauthorized ones) are open 7 days a week for 12 hours a day, which is quite crazy considering the average working day is only 8 hours. Another crazy thing is that you can find these massage parlors all over the Tampa Bay area, and they are actually quite prominent wherever there are commercial stores.

The thing is that these parlours are actually the typical “Asian massage parlor”, which is where people tend to go for a little more than just a massage. They aren’t supposed to be there and they take away from the local massage business that have already been set in place, which is why so many people don’t like the fact that they’re still up and going. There’s a new law that has potential masseuses going through a fingerprint process in order to legitimately get their license (or even taking exams to earn your certificate). The thing is that there were tons of fraudulent diplomas being sent in whenever people were applying to be a massage therapist, there was actually a person inside of a Florida masseuse school supplying people with these papers (and obviously that’s something you can’t do).

These parlours really do take away from the massage-related industry in Florida, and one thing we can really take away from all of this is that they’re trying to end these shady massage parlour experiences. Make sure that you look out for these establishments and report them if you ever see something of the sort, and make sure you’re straying away from them if you’re looking for a real massage (and not one from an unlicensed person). It’s a really big difference when it comes to having a real diploma and not having one, especially if you truly have pains that need to be dealt with.

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Treating Sleeping Disorders Through Massage

Treating Sleeping Disorders Through MassageSleeping disorders are a very serious problem for some people, even if you’ve never personally suffered from a type of sleep disorder you should still be aware as to how critical some of them can become. If you can’t sleep than you’re never going to have a good day, the best days we have in our lives usually come from when we’ve had a great night of sleep and are well-rested. Massages are always going to be looked at as being relaxing and beneficial to your body, and some people have even claimed that they fall asleep during these visits (even with their sleeping disorders!).

Identifying Your Disorder

Whatever type of disorder you have is probably having a large effect on your life, the last thing you want to have occurring is a lack of energy when you’ve got to get up and go to work. Sleep disorders have no shame and they definitely have no boundaries, they will keep you awake as long as they want (and as long as you let them). Whenever you read a news articles based on sleeping disorders they make it sound so dark and grey, and that’s because that’s exactly what it is. Most people get grumpy when they only get a few hours of sleep, so imagine never being to truly rest to the full extent. Massages should have a positive effect on your body regardless of how intense it happens to be, so no matter what kind of sleep disorder you happen to be suffering from massages are going to be your saviour (in most cases).

If you’ve tried absolutely everything, meaning medication and all sorts of braces and weird pillows, than it’s probably time to try something a little “different”. It’s up to you to determine whether or not you want to give massages a shot, but that’s probably going to be in your best interests no matter who you happen to be.

Sleeping disorders are definitely a serious problem, so the next time you really feel like your insomnia is kicking in try to book a massage appointment with your local physician. You need a good night of sleep if you’re going to wake up and conquer the day as your own, and that’s ultimately the goal you should be striving for every single day of your life. Don’t let insomnia or any other kind of sleeping disorder control the way you go about living.

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How to find experienced professional massage therapist

male-massage-therapistThe data is in on the benefits of massage therapy and people looking for a qualified massage therapist should know the ins and outs on how to find one.

First thing’s first, is the massage therapist certified for the job? Each state has it’s certification board and a professional massage therapist should be able to pass the exams and get their cert. If not you may be dealing with a person who is just playing by ear and that could lead to disaster down the road. Not everyone has that magic tough but this is an area of physical therapy that calls for expertise, knowing the body and working with physicians to see to the betterment of a patient. There’s no second guessing here.

Next, is the massage therapist experienced or right out of the gate? You want a therapist who has had experience in massage therapy to the point you feel comfortable with them attending to you. Ask them about their education and clientele. Any testimonials to be read? Might they have been showcased in the media? Do they have their own fan following? If ti’s a lengthy fan following you can backtrack to see the progression of their success. Find out where they got their education and contact those institutions so that you can verify things.

Convenience, prices, insurance, do they have it? Where are they located because you don’t wan to go too far but you don’t want to compromise quality regarding distance. Just because a massage therapist is near but not as qualified or charges lower means you go for it. Cheap is what you get. Your health is not worth taking chances over. As far for insurance goes you want one with the right coverage. Any massage therapist that doesn’t means you’re asking for trouble.

Finally, your search for a massage therapist should cover two primary areas. Recommendations from trusted sources and proper advertising. Your doctor is the best source. They’ll usually have a roster of professionals they recommend and sometimes there will be a massage therapist in the same offices. That would make your trip short for sure. Family and friends chip in as well but be careful here. Family and friends will recommend family and friends whether the therapist is top notch or not. Gt the statistics on each recommendation as mentioned earlier. Know their history, credentials and more. Once you’ve found your choice you’ll be on your way to a good deal of betterment.
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Does Massage Have a Role in Medicine?

Male MassageIn a word? Yes. Massage absolutely has a role in medicine. And maybe some medical professionals don’t want to admit this, but that’s too bad for them. Having all of the knots and kinks worked out of your muscles is about more than pampering. It’s about improving your overall health and helping you to feel better, not only physically, but also emotionally.

Feeling relaxed isn’t a luxury. The relaxation that massage can induce is actually good for your emotional health. It can reduce stress and help improve your sense of well-being. While you’re letting all of your troubles melt away, you can also experience pain relief. If you suffer from lower back pain, neck pain, or just generalized muscle tension from working a desk job, let’s say, regular therapy sessions can be especially helpful to you.

Numerous studies over the years, especially recently, have shown that massage therapy has tangible health benefits. Massage reduces the symptoms carpal tunnel syndrome, asthma, and has been associated with improving immune function in women with breast cancer. Another impressive result is that therapy provided to premature infants can increase the likelihood of them gaining weight.

According to the American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society, massage is now recommend as an actual medical treatment for lower back pain. This is huge for advocates of this kind of therapy. And it might go a long way toward reducing the stigma that this kind of therapy is just a luxury and for those with extra money to spend. Now, more and more research is showing that it actually may be an essential component to good health. Another study showed that people who received a massage once a week for 10 weeks reported less pain and disability than those who didn’t receive massage. More impressive than that, some people reported these benefits lasting up to nine months after the last treatment session.

We already know that stress relief is essential for health so if massage can help reduce stress, it is by default beneficial. More and more doctors are now recommending undergoing therapy of this sort for all sorts of problems. From chronic pain to anxiety to depression and so on, massage can play a major role in your life as a means of dealing with chronic issues, both mental and physical. Be sure to discuss what your doctor thinks of this form of therapy.


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