Good Reasons For Strength Training

Good Reasons For Strength TrainingIf one watches television enough you’ll think that those weird machines and guru fad diets are the way to fitness. Not so. These methods are based on simple things that you can do on your own and that means knowing the basics of strength training.

Strength training is one of the best overall training regimens that benefit the body and mind on all levels. It’s not about using weights to look like legendary bodybuilder and actor Lou Ferrigno, it’s about using resistance training to shore up the bones, build up the ligaments, increase metabolism, flush out toxins, clear the mind, and much more.

Doctors often recommend resistance training or strength training to any of their patients that are capable of doing them. It’s a preventative and therapeutic move that brings about a better person overall.

Strength training calls for testing each muscle and muscle group until it fails. Meaning you can’t do another repetition of that particular exercise. It means the muscle is tapped out and the muscle tissue is torn and in need of rest and repair. This is how strength and muscle are grown as the body then adds more muscle to repair the damaged tissue. It’s simple biological logic, if a muscle fails, build more muscle to prevent it from failing again.

Don’t worry about strength training being some miserable experience. Today’s strength training regimens have all sorts of great tools and techniques that make it quite the fun experience. You’ve got lots to help you along the way too. New digital body monitoring, your music, your videos, all there to help you keep on pumping it up. This is a far cry from the old days of sweaty, boilermaker gyms. Today’s fitness center or even one’s home can sparkle with excitement and electricity with the latest strength training equipment. Actually, if you put the fun into the goals, you will find yourself more interested in training than going to the local disco. If you join a gym, you’ll meet professionals and local folks who will help you along the way. You can build quite new and vigorous social engagement as well as get fit too. Having positive people who believe in your well-being can only go to your benefit.

So it’s wise to talk to one’s doctor, see if they’ll allow you to do strength training. Your doctor might also recommend a nutritionist to make sure you’re getting the right nutrients that will bring about the best results. If you plan right, and focus on the joy of getting healthy, then your strength training goals should come along smoothly and with big happy results.

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The Level Headed Fitness Regimen

The Level Headed Fitness RegimenGetting back into shape can be a daunting thought and much more regarding action, but if you’re going to jump into a fitness regimen after a long period of inactivity, you’ll need to do so with a level headed approach or you could end up in major trouble.

Before engaging in any form of fitness regimen you should consult your doctor. Your doctor will know what you should and shouldn’t be doing. They may also recommend other specialists like nutritionists and so on, so that you’ll get well rounded advice across the board. This is a great way to start and also, keep a journal with statistics so that your doctor and specialists can review what you’ve been doing and they’ll be able to tell at a glance the best direction for you to go.

Don’t take armchair advice from anyone. They’re not professionals and could convince you to engage in actions that could be detrimental to your overall well being. Study and apply and consult. Don’t compare yourself with others either. You are an individual and specific in design. What worked for your brother or cousin may not work for you.

Next is setting up the schedule for working out. Only you will know what’s best for you and this will take some experimentation. You’ll need to start out in the morning. See how it works out for you. If it invigorates you and you’re not fatigued for the daily activities, then this is your time slot. Other people workout at lunch or dinner time and others just before bed. Some even have split sessions, with a workout in the morning and one in the evening. Don’t overdo it, just take it easy and find out what’s best for you.

Use the right equipment and clothing. If you’re going to run, get running shoes. They’re engineered to maximize efficiency and safety. If using weights, have a mat on the floor to prevent slipping and noise. Your fitness equipment should come from a reputable company and not be second hand. It’s hard to resist that name brand equipment on sale for cheap second hand, but it might not have a warranty and it might have flaws that could lead to injury. Remember, you’re investing in your health and that should be worth every dollar you invest.

Do all exercises right. Don’t try to innovate. Study or get training from professionals. Most gyms have classes and just one class can set you on the right path. There are a plethora of exercises and equipment and it may take time for you to find what’s best for you.
Finally, leave some time for recovery. Rest is a major part of fitness as the body has to recover and repair itself. Muscle grows because during exercise it gets torn and then rebuilds itself with more muscle thus making it grow. Having enough rest is essential to this process.

So once again, being level headed about fitness will get you the goals you’re looking for safely and soundly.

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Fitness: Treating your body the way you want it to look

Fitness: Treating your body the way you want it to lookTake into consideration the many great health benefits associated with personal fitness, such as weightlifting and cardio activity. All of your hard work will promote a stronger you through visibly added muscle before you know it. Working out also adds to the building and strength (barring proper sleep and diet) of your body in fighting off and keeping away bacterial infections and other illnesses.

Today’s Science takes a look at how working out can slow down the aging process and even rejuvenate your current physical strength but also appearance, according to Frank Frisch, PhD, and director of Kinesiology at Chapman University in Orange. Consider all of the health benefits below, and we promise your heart and mind will thank you!

Give yourself a much needed energy boost

Understand and work for your body to give it the much deserved serotonin and endorphins or natural ‘feel good’ chemicals that will be activated through workout routines—especially cardio such as running or swimming, sports, etc. According to Eric Sternlicht, PhD, associate professor of kinesiology at Chapman University our brain will benefit, and in turn promote increased overall wellness and the ability to be all the more motivated for daily activities and continued workouts.

Improve your skin condition

Through a recent study at McMaster University in Ontario, a test group of individuals aged twenty to eighty-four were tested and questioned on their workout routines and evolution of skin development, maintenance, and condition. Personal fitness over time was reflected in this study to demonstrate increasing the skins ability to elasticize, as well as increase it’s overall ‘glow’ or composition.

Increase the fortitude of your Posture

Increase your muscle strength, and in turn enhance your posture through fitness routines. Through enhancing connections, tightening, and methods of maintenance, your muscles will straighten and commonly repair many otherwise missed hesitations or weak spots throughout your body. Working out also aids in preventing injury as you strengthen not only your core muscles, but also the ligaments and muscles that surround and keep them together and functional—and at optimal levels. You also serve yourself psychologically by boosting confidence, and in turn this will commonly lead to improved posture and how you present yourself to others, physically—as well as mentally.

Enhance your Flexibility

We are able to better service, repair, and maintain our flexibility, as stretching is a major pre-workout and post-workout element to being successful in gains and development. Additionally, the strengthening of various muscle groups, many otherwise unbeknownst to us, will be strengthened through fitness routines–especially full body workouts such as running, swimming, boxing, and other sports.

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