Mixing It Up For A Men’s Health Workout Regimen

Mixing It Up For A Men's Health Workout RegimenDepending on what you wish to achieve regarding your health, men should know that the most basic of goals, losing fat, can be achieved but best by mixing your exercise health regimen.

What we mean by mixing it up, is that men need two different types of exercise to build muscle and burn fat. Sure, basic cardio will burn off excess calories, but resistance training will not only burn off calories but do so more efficiently in the long run. The reason being that cardio burns excess calories during the exercise and well after the exercise. Building muscle burns up excess calories during exercise and longer than cardio because muscle needs calories 24/7. This means while at rest, your muscles are still burning calories while they repair themselves.

A good schedule would be to do cardio alternated with resistance training on a daily basis. Muscle needs time to heal. When you do resistance training you’re tearing muscle fiber which needs to build itself back up thus increasing muscle mass and strength. Cardio also needs a rest which is why alternating the different approaches is so efficient. While one is resting, the other is being conditioned. This will keep the metabolic rate cooking far longer and efficiently thus leading to a rapid fat loss.

You should consult a physician before doing any new or changing workout routines just to make sure you don’t injure yourself. Nutrition comes in big here too. You’ll need the calories from food to have energy, but you’ll need more vitamins and minerals, rest, and a good outlook.

So the detail is this: Coordinate your workouts. Here’s another good reason depending on what you’re trying to achieve. In order to build muscle, you need to lift heavy weights at low repetitions. To get that ‘cut’ look, you need to lift lighter weights at higher repetitions. Low weights and higher reps are more like cardio, so if you instead do full out cardio on one day and weight training the next day, you’ll meet your caloric burn goals and build muscle that looks good too.

Now, with weight lifting, you must also alternate which muscle groups to work on during a workout. You’ll need to work for each muscle group twice a week, so scheduling can be tricky if on off days you’re doing cardio. Six days a week or doing split sessions may be too much for some people. It’s all on a case by case basis. It also depends on how intense your cardio training is. Jogging will wear you out unless you’re doing power runs which build up leg muscles and lung capacity. If this is the case then you’ll not need to do as much resistance training on your legs, leaving you more time for other muscle groups. If you choose swimming as your cardio choice, you’ll be working for all the muscle groups at the same time and increased respiration and all that will burn plenty of calories fast. Then on off days, you pump iron.

It’s rather simple, but it takes planning and discipline. You should keep statistics regarding your progress and watch them carefully. They will show you what you’re doing right and wrong. In the end you should see results the first week easily.

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