Arnica Flower Health Benefits

Arnica Flower Health Benefits

Recent research and studies conducted by the Integrative Medicine Department at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center demonstrate that regular, daily usage of Arnica flower concentrate on the skin can promote better blood circulation and lower inflammation.

While this method of holistic approach to poor blood circulation and musculature discomfort may be beneficial for many, it’s not recommended for those whom have allergies to the Daisy flower family or other flowers. It’s best to first check with your healthcare physician if you have allergies, including those to pollen, before applying this concentrate oil onto your skin.

Why the Topical Approach?

Arnica flower creams and oils seem to be most effective by being massaged into your skin on a daily basis. This allows the natural, concentrate oils to directly penetrate the skin and work its way into your blood stream.

In fact, the Arnica flower has proven in scientific studies to not only reduce inflammation in your muscles, but also promote your body’s natural functioning processing of excreting bacteria and other unwanted germs from your system.

Using Arnica the Right Way

While there are various forms of the natural flower Arnica, it’s most effective to focus on purchasing and using oils, as they are the most concentrate form. Unfortunately, creams and even vitamins containing the natural flowers compounds can be deprived of its original concentration and overall effect on your body.

Should you decide to add Arnica into your daily or regular massage routine, may it be from someone else or self-application, keep in mind that when adding other creams or ointments that little should be used to prevent negative interactions with Arnica—depriving it of its chemical benefits and compounds.

Arnica’s Origins

Like the Sunflower, Arnica flowers have many origins. It’s worth pointing out that the higher elevation in which your Arnica oil comes from the more likely it is to be effective—or of higher potency.

Although continued scientific research is understandably required and expected before the FDA approves it as a recognized effective form of therapy and treatment for inflammation and blood circulation, it’s significant to consider that there are definitely no negative factors in trying it out, and seeing if it works for you.

Just as with all medicines, including holistic approach, not every method will work for every person. Some chemicals simply have no effect, just as some are immune to different chemicals or medications—and their natural ingredients.

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