Massage Therapy Really Brings Relief

505361_41234461[1]Anyone who has ever had massage therapy can attest to the fact that it is highly relaxing and some will say it alleviated a health problem that nothing else could remedy.  Massage is an age old technique and just about every culture since the dawn of history has employed one form or another.

From the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Chinese, Romans, and now into the modern age, massage therapy is still alive and kicking and isn’t going to go away any time soon.  The reason being is it’s basically a touching therapy.  Human hands are very versatile and even animals can be quelled into relaxation by the human touch.  No other creature can achieve what humans can do and even the most ferocious of beasts can be brought to cooing and purring by massage.

Science has explored the practice of message for decades and more data is coming through.  We know it can sooth the nervous system, bring about equilibrium, relax tense muscles and bring about elasticity to the skin.  Experts in massage use a variety of techniques which can include various ointments and other topical solutions.  Masseuses can make quite a good living especially those that cater to high end clientele like sports stars and other celebrities.  These wealthy people cannot do without their masseuse and take them with them around the world.  From kings to congress, massage is essential to the well being and you’ll find no shortage of people paying good money for it.

Today’s world is tense and a person can suffer from stress related issues that can be debilitating and in some cases fatal.  Rushing about to and fro, not taking the time to relax or eat and rest properly can have a devastating effect on a person.  Business people on the edge are the worst.  That’s why massage works wonders on them especially those that actually exercise.  Gyms have massage on the premises and that’s a real plus for getting memberships.  It’s about the release of mental and physical tension which improves circulation and overall well being.

One of the worst maladies are tension headaches.  Medicines might not work and one’s doctor might suggest alternate therapies to relieve oneself.  Massage may well be one of them.  Going to a certified, professional masseuse will show results relatively soon and your doctor will have a list of your progress.

So don’t underestimate the value of massage therapy.  It has and can do wonders.

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About Doug Powell

Doug Powell, LMT, is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Florida offering Swedish, deep tissue, sports and therapeutic massage therapy. He is a graduate of the Orlando Institute of Massage Therapy where he finished his studies at the top of his class. He has practiced professional massage therapy in Orlando since 1996 and is a member of the Massage Network and International Massage Association. If you suffer from chronic muscle tension, pain or persistent stress, discover how my professional services can help you! Get Well and Stay Well My goal as a natural health care practitioner is to encourage the body and mind to regain and maintain their normal function. Indeed, when you create health, dis-ease disappears. As you help the body regain it’s normal function, many health problems resolve naturally. Some of the conditions I have successfully worked with include: low back pain joint pain neck and shoulder pain chronic low energy/weakness stress overload Is This Work Right for You? People come to me for a variety of reasons. For many, a weekly massage serves as an antidote to stress or as a recuperative phase of their fitness program. Others are looking for help with chronic pain or injuries. The services I offer are tailored to meet your needs whether you are ill, in tip-top shape, or somewhere in between. The goal is to increase your wellness: your vitality, your ease of movement, the function of your body, and your peace of mind.
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