The Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Benefits of massage therapy

People all over the world enjoy massages.  It is a past time that brings about relaxation and peace of mind.  Nowadays we can use science and statistics to catalog the massage benefits and many might say why did we need science to tell us what we knew anyway?

That’s because there are those in medicine that don’t want any competition.  Any thereapy that is natural and effective and cheap goes against the grain of the money making side of medical treatment.  Massage is something anyone can do and in most cases doesn’t take that long to learn.  Mostly it’s passed down from friend to friend or family.  There are several common denominators to all massage techniques and some cultures and specialists have unique approaches and applications that add to their own celebrity.  Using the hands and elbows, some use their feet and heads.  It’s the manner of touching and coming into contact with the skin and muscles and causing them to relax thus decreasing the symptoms of many a malady.

Knowing how to give a massage is again a skill that is studied.  Books and videos in today’s world sure give a massive look at the art and science of massage.  Some people get massages every day.  Mostly they’re sports or law enforcement, military but the folks at home enjoy massage benefits to no end.  This is why the popularity in massage therapy is growing because now the techniques are easily available thanks to the internet.  People can watch a numerous number of videos and study all the techniques there are and put their own twists on things.  People with some trial and error will hit just the right combination of massage techniques that turn into massage benefits.

Because of the spread of massage benefits amongst the populations of the world, the industry surrounding it has blossomed to the point of generating billions of dollars and making celebrities of its most popular massage gurus.  In addition, oils and creams and lotions used in massage treatments are booming with an emphasis on natural products which creates a whole new line of products and industries.  Massage equipment is being designed and redesigned with the most innovative and popular selling out.  Commercials and info-mercials are popping up all over and the tutorial classes sold, and others free, are highly celebrated.

Overall, the massage benefits that have come to light recently go without opposition from the people who have enjoyed them.  Only government and industry would step in the way of something successful, cheap, and fun.

About Doug Powell

Doug Powell, LMT, is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Florida offering Swedish, deep tissue, sports and therapeutic massage therapy. He is a graduate of the Orlando Institute of Massage Therapy where he finished his studies at the top of his class. He has practiced professional massage therapy in Orlando since 1996 and is a member of the Massage Network and International Massage Association. If you suffer from chronic muscle tension, pain or persistent stress, discover how my professional services can help you! Get Well and Stay Well My goal as a natural health care practitioner is to encourage the body and mind to regain and maintain their normal function. Indeed, when you create health, dis-ease disappears. As you help the body regain it’s normal function, many health problems resolve naturally. Some of the conditions I have successfully worked with include: low back pain joint pain neck and shoulder pain chronic low energy/weakness stress overload Is This Work Right for You? People come to me for a variety of reasons. For many, a weekly massage serves as an antidote to stress or as a recuperative phase of their fitness program. Others are looking for help with chronic pain or injuries. The services I offer are tailored to meet your needs whether you are ill, in tip-top shape, or somewhere in between. The goal is to increase your wellness: your vitality, your ease of movement, the function of your body, and your peace of mind.
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