How to Prevent Common Injuries as a Masseur

Orlando Male MassageAs a masseur you may often provide sports massage to amateur and even professional sportspeople you will see the effect of the stress and strains they put their bodies through in their sports and how easily they can injure themselves.

Though some of the worst injuries may be from contact sports like Football and Ice Hockey you will also see serious injuries from those who take part in individual sports and often from the sheer amount of training they have been doing: now though think about how much physical activity you as a masseur are doing each day?

It may not feel like much but you may be constantly putting strain on a few key muscles when giving a massage. If you don’t consider your own self –care you could easily see yourself developing the same kind of injuries as the people you treat and you could find yourself unable to work and unable to earn: a massive problem for self employed masseurs especially.

Preventing injury is most important, some masseurs will deliver extra massages in the evenings and also at the weekends. It is important each night your muscles get a good chance to recoup and recover and then when the weekend comes two days without doing any work is important.  Also vital is making sure you get enough sleep, and good quality sleep: which is when your body does most of its repairing and recovery.

What you eat is important but what you drink is even more vital, it is easy with a busy schedule of appointments to not drink enough water but you should try to have a glass of water between each appointment, your muscles need water to work properly and if you don’t drink enough water cramps and damage from lactic acid are a real danger.

Specific problems you might develop may need to be dealt with if you are already having problems of course. Tendon problems, including Tenosynovitis, come from stretching and straining particular tendons or groups of tendons and this comes from not stretching properly, if you start to have problems then stretching at the beginning and end of the day becomes important as well as before giving a massage that will be particularly hard work.

Tendon problems are most common when you first start as a masseur and you may need to cut back how many massage sessions you give each day to build up the fitness you need.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is another common problem for masseurs and comes from compression of nerves around the fingers and can cause pain and discomfort right up your arm.

Avoid computer work as this can strain wrists and fingers in the same way and make matters worse but again you may need to cut down appointments if you are having trouble to allow repair or things will get worse and leave you unable to work.

Stretching and self-massage will help short term but full repair may take longer, after repair you may want to go to the gym to strengthen muscles in your arms to avoid future injury.

About Doug Powell

Doug Powell, LMT, is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Florida offering Swedish, deep tissue, sports and therapeutic massage therapy. He is a graduate of the Orlando Institute of Massage Therapy where he finished his studies at the top of his class. He has practiced professional massage therapy in Orlando since 1996 and is a member of the Massage Network and International Massage Association. If you suffer from chronic muscle tension, pain or persistent stress, discover how my professional services can help you! Get Well and Stay Well My goal as a natural health care practitioner is to encourage the body and mind to regain and maintain their normal function. Indeed, when you create health, dis-ease disappears. As you help the body regain it’s normal function, many health problems resolve naturally. Some of the conditions I have successfully worked with include: low back pain joint pain neck and shoulder pain chronic low energy/weakness stress overload Is This Work Right for You? People come to me for a variety of reasons. For many, a weekly massage serves as an antidote to stress or as a recuperative phase of their fitness program. Others are looking for help with chronic pain or injuries. The services I offer are tailored to meet your needs whether you are ill, in tip-top shape, or somewhere in between. The goal is to increase your wellness: your vitality, your ease of movement, the function of your body, and your peace of mind.
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