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Benefits of Massage for Men

Massages are typically thought of as something people get just to relax. That is, it’s considered to be a strictly luxury item only purchased when you have some extra cash and spare time. However, there are real, tangible benefits to getting a massage. Men in particular might be reluctant to the idea of getting a massage. But research shows male massage carries numerous benefits that go beyond relaxing tense muscles.

Reduces Stress

The obvious benefit of male massage is its ability to instill a sense of relaxation. However, feeling relaxed goes hand-in-hand with reducing stress levels. By reducing your heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels, massage cuts back on stress and leaves you feeling relaxed. As you can see, this has significant health implications, especially for those who may be at risk for heart disease. Even a brief massage can work wonders for calming your mind and body. And it doesn’t even have to be a full body massage. Just a simple neck or foot rub can do the trick just as well.

Improves Mood

Along with reducing stress, male massage can lower the likelihood of depression. When your overall feelings of stress are reduced, you’re left with an improved mood and higher amounts of serotonin in the blood. That’s quite a bit more beneficial than just getting a knot out of a tight muscle, right? Especially if you find life to be overwhelming at times, massage could be just what you need.

Reduces Pain

Whether you’re an athlete or work at a computer all day, something must be said for how massage can reduce pain, especially for neck and back problems. Whether you have a kink in your neck or a tight lower back, massage techniques can be employed to relax muscles and increase your body’s ability to deal with pain by releasing serotonin. Massage techniques can also be employed on other parts of the body as well to relieve cramping and pain, like in the legs and feet.

Increases Flexibility

If you find that your muscles are too tight or you’re experiencing a limited range of motion, massage can help to improve your situation. Massaging the spot where muscles connect with tendons can improve your range of motion and overall flexibility. Areas where this kind of male massage is usually employed are the knees, elbows, and hip flexors. Even a brief massage can go a long way toward improving how your muscles move.

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