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Massage may show evidence of health benefits

Despite being used the world over for hundreds of years and being a common part of many people’s lives, massage is still seen as an alternative therapy: this basically means that its benefits aren’t officially recognized by most doctors and it is therefore not something usually recommended by doctors, although physiotherapy that involves massage is.

A massage can be done by anyone but to get the best results and to make sure you are safe all but the most basic massage should be professional massage done by a qualified masseur; still though most professionals are careful about the benefits they promise and relaxation and the easing of aching muscles is usually all that is promised; many believe professional massage can be beneficial in a variety of other ways such as boosting the immune system, relieving stress and boosting the metabolism.

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The Anti-Aging Strategy: Strength Exercising

As people grow older, our body start to naturally reduce muscle mass. During our 30’s and 40’s many of us reduce approximately a half a pound of muscle mass annually. When you reach fifty, the pace of muscle reduction may double to around one pound of muscle tissue annually. Muscle strength declines as we age  at around three times quicker than muscle mass. With the loss of muscle mass, our own body fat proportion naturally raises. Additionally, reduced exercise levels plus a lousy diet plan is equivalent to increased fat storage. A smaller amount muscle mass and increased body fat levels result in a sluggish metabolic rate. A sluggish metabolic rate means we lose much less calories. The actual result: extra weight, elevated body fat, greater chance of illness. Without the need of intervention, most of us turn into a weak, aged person without having the muscle mass as well as strength to assist our personal skeletal system.

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